Egyptian Cat Snake Wand

New Year 2022: Luck, Money, Prosperity – Lucky Seven Gris-Gris & Lucky Cat MegaBlast Ritual

There is no certainty about 2022... Things could be okay; or they might not be... All hell could break loose... One thing is for sure, in the aftermath of the pandemic (presuming it ever ends) we're going to have to pay for the…

Voodoo Sex & Skinwalkers In The Woods – Voodoo On Crack (Podcast 2)

This episode, Doktor Snake relates how he saw a weird creature out in the woods, insisting he had been drinking regular tea, not magic mushroom tea. Dark Angel reads the best from our inbox this week, including a haunted home, alien abduction…
protection mojo

Protection Spell – Deliverance From Evil – Drive The Devil Out – Mojo Servitor

Need deliverance from evil? Does your home feel different cold and unwelcoming? Do you feel a presence? Nightmares? YOU MIGHT HAVE BEEN HEXED! Nefarious spiritual forces come in many forms. Spirits may be assailing you, even trying…
get the hell out mojo

Get The Hell Out – Hot Foot Spell – Makes A Wrongdoer Leave Town – Mojo Servitor – Hardcore Voodoo

Is a wrongdoer causing you (or a family member) grief? Are they holding you back? Do you need to get them out of your life? Make it so they NEVER come back? This is what our Get The Hell Out voodoo spell does. It removes troublemakers…

Stilling Self Talk, Dealing With A Hex, Relationship Issues – Voodoo On Crack (Podcast 1)

In this episode, Doktor Snake leads with how to deal with a week that turns to chaos and mayhem, discussing how to still your mind to deal with it. Doc and Dark Angel then go into listeners emails, ranging from dealing with a hex, and relationship…
courtwork mojo

Courtwork Spell – Sway The Judge – Mojo Servitor – Hardcore Voodoo

Featuring Granny Sumlin's "Sway The Judge" Formula... Need to get off a bad rap? Nothing seems to be working? Situation doesn't look good? Looking at prison time? Loss of reputation? Total wipe out? Whether it's you, or a loved…
love drawing mojo

Love Drawing Spell – Romance & Passion – Find Your Twin Flame – Mojo Servitor – Powerful Voodoo

Want to bring love into your life? Is somebody proving hard to get and you need to move things forwards? Want to find your soulmate? Or bring your twin-flame to you? Sometimes you find yourself alone and dearly want to attract love.…
return a lover mojo

Return A Lover Spell – Bring Your Ex Back – Mojo Servitor – Powerful Voodoo

Has your lover or spouse left you? Is it hard, or even utterly heart-rending, to live without them? Do you want them to come running back, begging for forgiveness? Do you want passion and the fires of love restored? All this, and…
fast money mojo

Fast Money Spell – Cash In A Flash – Mojo Servitor – Powerful Voodoo

Are you in need of a quick fix with a reliable spell caster? Doktor Snake has over 20 years of experience THE MOST EXTREME VOODOO MONEY SPELL ON THE INTERNET Are you struggling, feeling like you are letting your family down including…