lucky numbers spirit hand

How To Get Lucky Numbers – Mysterious Spirit Hand Technique Revealed

How To Get Lucky Numbers Doktor Snake shows you how to harness the power of the mysterious “spirit hand”... The key to getting winning numbers for lotteries or games of chance is by channeling the spirit world. You can channel…
halloween mandrake effigy

Halloween Ritual: Manifest Your Ancestors

Open the veil between our world and the realm of the dead on All Hallows Eve (works all year round, begins on Samhain). Charged in the sultry swamplands of Mississippi and the heartland of ancient Albion, this Mandrake Servitor Doll will…
vudu psyops

Voodoo Psyops – Mega Power Rootwork Involves Psychological Warfare

Lot of our hex work involves getting rid of troublesome or bad people. We use authentic Hot Foot Powder and Goofer Dust. BUT also psyops, psychological warfare. You gotta drop a Hex Bomb, you want to get the job done…
protect from evil rootwork

Protect Yourself From Evil – Hardcore Voodoo Rootwork & Spiritual Cleansing

Could be you plagued by evil spirits, had a curse laid on you, or negativity surrounding you. Dok and Dark Angel lay down the ways you can spiritually cleanse yourself with rootwork - get to the root of the issue and clear it.
magick meditation

Magick Meditation: Manifest A Given Desire (Video)

Watch this video and follow the guided mediation to manifest a given desire - to make it become reality. It's visionary trance magick. It takes you on an inner journey to a sacred grove. Once there you visualize your desire as vividly as you…

Ed McTeer: White Sheriff Turns Hoodoo Doctor

At a conference in 1962, Sheriff Ed McTeer of Beaufort County, South Carolina, told an unusual story. Some decades previously he had gone on a mission of mercy, above and beyond his normal legal and civic duties. An evil "blue root", or…
coffin nail hex

Coffin nail hex – scare the hell out of an enemy

My Voodoo mentor, Earl Marlowe, always preferred curin' to killin'. But if a wrongdoer wouldn't back off he recommended using a coffin nail hex to cause them serious hurt. This is what he said on the subject: "Someone push you too far, no…
spiritual baths

Spiritual Baths: Remove Negativity, Restore Your Soul

Authentic spiritual baths made to order by Dark Angel... Whether you need to shake off evil or restore your spirit, Dark Angel's spiritual baths will renew your mind/body system. If you need to shake a jinx, restore your luck, remove…
blue moon magick manikins

Blue Moon Manikin: Sex, Passion, Commitment

Blue Moon Voodoo To Turn UP The Heat & Passion In A Relationship