be happy very little

Be happy with very little

The less you have the happier and more free you are. Possessions weigh you down. You need some things, obviously. But too many enslave you and place demands on your time. If you work all hours to be in a position to buy consumer goods, you…
shortcut wealth want less

Shortcut to wealth – want less

In the end, your level of wealth is dictated by how much stuff you want – but can’t afford. It’s all down to desire. If you don’t want a lot, but can pay your bills, and have a reasonable place to live, you’re doing okay. You could…
Magical Candy Land scene with a ginger bread house, 3d render.

Don’t live in a fantasy world – daydreaming has consequences

Even when we are awake, we are as good as asleep most of the time. We’re busy daydreaming or fantasizing. That’s fine IF our daydreaming – our mental movies – are positive. If they’re negative, there are consequences.  For example,…
infidelity buster

Infidelity Buster – Keeps Your Lover Or Spouse Faithful

Renders your romantic partner unable to desire anybody else but you... When your lover or spouse is unfaithful to you, it cuts to the heart like a knife. You feel betrayed. Your emotions veer from anger and indignation to terrible pain and…
woman plants her flag on the mountain peak as a sign of success

How to get what you want in life

The first step to getting what you want in life is to recognize that you are God. It's you that make things happen. You create your reality and situation and the issues you face. Therefore, you can create the life you want. It's all about…
hex ball

Think you can’t change the past? Think again… A 1988 experiment suggested that it is possible to change the past. Volunteers appeared to alter the sounds on prerecorded cassettes. It was as if they had gone back in time to…
candle burning prayer

Candle Burning: Petitions The Spirits To Help With Your Situation

Petitions to help with your situation and support you. State your purpose and Doktor Snake & Dark Angel will burn a candle on their shrine for seven days, on your behalf, with a prayer to the spirits... A lighted candle acts as…
tar water

Tar Water (5ml Bottles)

Authentic Tar Water blended by Dark Angel (and charged by DA and Doc). Used to protect yourself from malign influences, such as evil spirits, demons, dark forces, the evil eye. It’s an ancient concoction that will nullify all malefic energies…
hex ball

Hex Ball stop them in their tracks with voodoo hex

Deal With An Enemy With Maximum Prejudice. Traditional rootwork formula to put a stop to miscreants. NOTE: Don't resort to hexing UNLESS there is good cause. Created by Dark Angel in the swamplands of Mississippi. If you need somebody…