A Blasphemous Christmas Story: Satan & The Three Wise Men

A boy child was to be born in Bethlehem – a child that would one day be known as Jesus Christ, and would influence the world with his “Golden Rule” and proffer such ideas as the “meek shall inherit the Earth”.

Meanwhile, Satan was on his way through the arid land of Palestine. “Need to have a dekko at this damn sprog,” he thought.

At the same time, the Three Wise Men were following the Star of Bethlehem. “A new aeon will come to pass with the birth of this child,” one of them said.

Soon the Three Wise Men spotted the small fire by which Satan was warming his hands. They decided to make the stranger’s acquaintance and spread the good new about the boy child about to be born. They, of course, didn’t know that the stranger was Satan.

“Greetings, stranger,” said one of the Wise Men.

“I bid you welcome,” said Satan. “Come warm yourselves by my fire.”

The Three Wise Men dismounted their camels, tied them up, and sat by the fire.

“We bring you good news!” declared one of the Wise Men. “A boy child is to be born, the Son of the Lord Thy God.”

“Hm,” grunted Satan. “I can’t say the Lord is my God. I worship nobody. We are our own gods. Nevertheless I’d like to take a gander at this holy brat.”

The Three Wise Men were somewhat taken aback. “You are not a man of God?” They asked in unison.

“Not me,” replied Satan. “I’ve got no time for that tyrant. He’s a murderous lying brute, not to mention narcissist. He’s not called a jealous God for nothing either. I can only presume this boy child will be cut from the same cloth. A narcissist begets a narcissist.”

Although somewhat wary of the irreverent attitude of Satan, the Three Wise Men decided that he might change his tune if he saw the boy child with his own eyes. So they took him along with them to Bethlehem. But of course they didn’t know he was Satan.

So after long miles they finally arrived in Bethlehem. And there was the boy child in the manger, along with Joseph and Mary, a few cows, and other farm animals, including a donkey.

The Wise Men gave their gifts to the boy child, while Satan looked on with disdain.

But the Three Wise Men beckoned him over, certain the boy child would melt his cynical heart.

Satan looked into the manger and said, “Well, he’s an ugly little brute isn’t he? Are you sure God was the father? Or was it that donkey over there? He’s got a definite glint in his eye…”

Now, dear reader, at this point you might be thinking what an awful cad Satan was. How could anybody (even Satan) call a new-born baby an “ugly brute”?

It’s really not cricket.

Well no, it was a poor show, indeed. At least on the surface.

But the truth is Satan was merely trying to get his words recorded in the Bible – or more precisely, the New Testament, which would soon be compiled by various “church fathers” and their business partners and PR teams, who essentially were hired by the elite ruling classes of the time.

These elites were looking to create a follow-up to the Bible – the New Testament – which would update the various religious tenets that had controlled the masses very nicely for a good many years. But now there was a need to modernize and instill more subtle control systems to keep the masses down for (they hoped) a good couple of thousand years.

Plus they were looking to spread their control system, and mind-programming, around the whole globe. In the end, it was a business, one that sought to keep populations in thralldom.

What better way than a religion? One to keep down the gullible and fleece them of every measly penny they’ve scraped together through blood, sweat and tears. The idea being to keep them blissfully accepting of the terrible oppression they lived under. Peasants everywhere would be content with their lot, or at least, tolerate it under the belief that they would get their reward in heaven.

It was great marketing.

So when Satan called the infant – who would become Jesus Christ – an “ugly brute” he was merely looking to get his words recorded as a prediction (for those who could see it) of what was to come over the next two thousand years. He wanted people to know that the emerging Christianity would go on to oppress millions of people, much as it’s brother religion Islam would in later centuries.

As to Satan’s aspersion that the infant could have been fathered by the donkey, well that was merely a way of saying that the kid was human, just like anybody else, and that he, in common with all us humans, was an animal like the donkey – or, for that matter, a dog or cat or antelope. In other words a beast, no more and no less superior to other beasts on the planet. (Though in the case of humans, we are a good deal more deadly than other animals).

Of course, Satan relished the idea of causing offense to the Three Wise Men and Mary and Joseph, who, as far as he could see, were religious nuts duped by the ruling elites into creating a religion of thralldom that would keep vast swathes of the world populations down for generations… not to mention oppressing women mercilessly as Christianity grew in reach and power.

Indeed, this is still going on today. New techno-religions are springing up in the Western World which loosely follow the oppressive tenets of Christianity – political correctness and woke culture being prime examples. These new religions are equally manufactured by the ruling elites to keep the masses down and under thrall. They may be new ideologies, but it’s the same old dogmas.

As it turned out, Satan was edited out of the Three Wise Men story in the Bible. And his insightful comments were lost to posterity.

This Christmas, however, they have been brought back by me, your good doctor. I had a visitation last night by a very mysterious entity or presence. This was so unbelievable that my conscious/rational self was in disarray, and still is. It could have been Lilith, for all I know. Not that identity means a thing in this whirling multiverse. We cling to identity. But it’s not there when you are thrown into the quantum soup as I was. All I know is that this entity, Lilith or whatever, wanted me to set this story straight about Jesus Christ, and to give a little sign that she is growing in strength.

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    • Doktor Snake
      Doktor Snake says:

      Thank you Fabian. Well let’s just say I follow in the line of Lord Byron, John Milton, Blake, and so on. All chroniclers of the Satanic ethos to freedom… Milton might have been a puritan, but did it in spite of himself as Blake later declared.

  1. clayton ray davies
    clayton ray davies says:

    There is talk in occult circles that the Star the 3 wise men followed has to do with spiritual alchemy, chakras and such

  2. Eryn Scroggin
    Eryn Scroggin says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! Very refreshing to read when you are surrounded by Christian nuts all of the time


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