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If you have already been recommending our Voodoo & Spellcasting website, thank you! We are now able to reward you.

You get 25% commission if you recommend our spellcasting services and readings and people buy as a result.

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  1. Register (free) as an affiliate via E-junkie here. You need to complete registration by confirming your activation code which E-junkie will email to you.
  2. Enter your PayPal email (so we can pay you) into your E-junkie account profile and add us as a merchant by clicking here
  3. On that page from step 2 you’ll get your unique seller link that you’ll use to recommend and sell our Voodoo & Spellcasting services. Use that link in your blog, website, emails, social media, or other channels. Let us know if you need graphics or banners and give us an idea of the sizes you need..

How does it work?

The link you get (in your E-junkie account) has a code in it that is unique to you. When people click your link and buy the anything from DoktorSnake.com it will be recorded in your account and you will earn a commission. When potential buyers click your link, a cookie is placed in their browser and this is valid for six months, after that it expires. This means that if a person buys anything from DoktorSnake.com within that time-frame, you will get your commission.

What do you think? We’re always open to suggestions and are around to help. Simply get in touch via our contact form and make sure you mention “affiliate program” in your message.

When do you get paid?

Payouts will be made at the end of every full month via PayPal. For example, if you start this month, your payments will start at the end of next month. After that you will be paid monthly.