All Hallow’s Eve Conjure Working: Gain Wisdom & Personal Power – Unique Halloween Ancient Ancestor’s Ceremony

halloween ancestors night spell all souls night

Powerful conjure working to harness atavistic energy on All Souls’ Night…

As All Souls (Halloween) approaches, Doktor Snake and Dark Angel will illuminate the nocturnal gloom of their cellar with old Edwardian oil lamps and candles. Pouring over their antiquarian black books, they’ll plan a bespoke ritual that will bring you personal power and increase your innate wisdom.

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For this you will have two options:

Ancestral Doll Ceremony

Doktor Snake and Dark Angel perform a full-blown ceremony on your behalf on Halloween night, and send you one of Dark Angel’s unique clay ancestral dolls, made especially for you, which will be charged to optimum power during a fire ceremony by the sea. This will be sent to you via postal mail, and will be your very own “servitor” for personal power and dominance.

galdur sigil ancestors night

Ancestral Sigil Rite

Doktor Snake and Dark Angel create and charge an ancestral sigil on your behalf. They then cast its arcane energies into the ether for you on Halloween night during their fire ritual by the sea, calling upon ancient ancestors while in a visionary trance and speaking “unknown tongues” – all to bring you personal power. After that, the sigil will be sent to you by email within 36-hours after the Halloween charging ritual, along with a letter of instructions showing you how to use the sigil to empower yourself.


To sum up. Doktor Snake and Dark Angel can either perform a powerful ritual for you involving one of Dark Angel’s bespoke ancestral dolls, which is sent you to after the Halloween ceremony. Or they can create a sigil for you at Halloween, and deliver it to you by email 24-hours later.

The first option is the most powerful, but you’ll benefit both ways round. It all depends on your needs.

Whichever option you go for, these Halloween workings will unleash the power of ancient ancestors and atavisms to boost your personal power and internal wisdom. This will help you in many aspects of life – from finances and success, to being more dominant and respected, to achieving your ambitions and getting what you desire.


(Two options with varying price and power).

Ancestral Doll Ceremony

Your package will be sent via postal mail and should reach you in seven to ten working days of the Halloween ceremony being carried out.

Only $500.00 P&P $10 (USA) – $20 (rest of world)


Ancestral Sigil Rite

Your package will be delivered by email within 36-hours of the Halloween ritual being performed.

Only $200.00 (delivered via email).