Are we all schizophrenics?

are we all schizophrenics

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Are you schizophrenic? Am I schizophrenic? The answer is most likely “yes.” We all hear voices in our heads. Our own voice, which is self-talk; and the voices of others, our friends, family, and even famous people. We also all have visions; we play mental movies from memories or simply daydream.

So how is this different from schizophrenia?

Have schizophrenics simply become medicalized due to have a label of mental illness applied to them. It could be they simply didn’t know how to deal with ordinary mental functioning. Perhaps they freaked out at hearing an “alien” voice in their head – when this is actually the norm for all of us.

In the end, we all just need to understand how our mind works. It’s not hard. Sure, humans are highly complex systems. But operating your mind and body doesn’t need to be difficult. Like with a car, you don’t need to be a mechanic to be able to drive it.

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