If so, you may be being followed, harassed and victimized. You might appear to be under surveillance.

Worse still, unknown forces may be targeting you with high-tech weapons of “mind control.”

With gang-stalking, victims typically live in a state of constant fear. They often see evidence of being followed by unmarked police cars – usually black SUVs.

Sometimes they believe they are being zapped by Extremely Low Frequency radiation, known as ELFs. Or “Voice to Skull” (V2K) technology.

Put together these lead to tingling sensations in the body, aching, and sharp pains, along with strange voices suddenly appearing in their heads, giving them messages or being threatening.

Who is behind such harassment?

Some attribute it to neighbors, ex-boyfriends or girlfriends, employwers, police and sometimes intelligence services like the CIA.

As to why, it might be down to retaliation after a relationship has ended. Acting as a whistle-blower at work. Political activism. Run-ins with the law. Or knowing secret information.

At worst, the harassment is put down to being the victim of experimentation by government agences testing out new techniques of surveillance or mind control.

Obviously, one could put the very notion of gangstalking down to textbook cases of paranoia. In some cases this may well be true. But in others the harassment has a worrying edge to it, like something really is going on. Something sinister.

We had somebody come to us who was being tormented on every level by unknown assailants. At first I recommended she see a psychologist or doctor. But I looked into here case and concluded something pretty bad was going on.

To be honest, I couldn’t quite figure out what it was. It seemed that perhaps a covert government organization was targeting her. But then she also complained of inter-demensional entities coming in through the walls of her aparetment and into her head.

I wasn’t wholly convinced by that. But something was going on…

In the end, I decided to use one of our most powerful and highly complex protection workings. It’s Vudu, but mixed with deep science too, in terms of quantum physics and chaos theory.

After a few weeks, she found that the gangstalking and harassment pretty much faded away.

Now this could well be down to the Vudu formula we used, the authentic ingredients cooked by by Dark Angel. Or it could be down to the backdoor psychology we used to get her using her mind in a more productive and positive way.

Whatever the case, the gang-stalking suffered by this woman for many years finally went away.

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