London Vudu: Foot Track Magick

Back in the day, my voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe and I used to drive around North London seeing to his voodoo clients. Mostly we were riding around Hackney, Tottenham (where I lived), Stoke Newington, and Finsbury Park. Inner city districts. This was mid 80s to early 90s. Earl used to drive an early 80s model […]

“You don’t wanna mess with Death Powder,” said my voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe, one time. “It’s a secret swamp voodoo recipe – the napalm of hoodoo.” Earl recommended only using Death Powder in extreme circumstances. When there’s no other way. Death Powder is a distillation of ingredients: Roots collected in the wilds at the dark […]

Her husband had run off with another woman and she was distraught, but a Vudu card reading and a powerful mind power technique returned her husband and restored the relationship. I did a card reading – using my swamp Vudu deck – for a client called Maxine. Her husband had run off with a younger […]

Beware the Evil Eye – at best it will destroy your luck, at worst it can put you six foot under… A young woman I know called Kate came to me saying she’d had an explosive row with a friend. “Oh god, she took off,” she said. “And I hadn’t done anything. But if looks […]

One of the associates of my vudu mentor Earl Marlowe (featured in my Voodoo Spellbook) was a guy called Sherpa Jay, whose specialization was death curses… Earl didn’t like him much and said of him: “Sherpa J was one of the nastiest, most dishonourable people you could ever have the misfortune to meet.” Sherpa Jay worked out of […]