(Under-The-Table Working – Limited Availability) Dreaming of a powerful, sexy man on your arm?  Is there a certain man in particular you desire?  Just maybe he needs a little nudging.   No harm in harnessing the power of voodoo… With a little enchanting he can be all yours. Truth is, you know you want to tease […]

I recently went to a Bronze Age burial mound near the village of Croxton in South Norfolk. This is the location I do many of my rituals. But on this particular day I decided to go into trance to try and channel the energies of the place… within a few minutes there was a rushing […]

are we all schizophrenics

Are we all schizophrenics?

Scroll down to listen. Are you schizophrenic? Am I schizophrenic? The answer is most likely “yes.” We all hear voices in our heads. Our own voice, which is self-talk; and the voices of others, our friends, family, and even famous people. We also all have visions; we play mental movies from memories or simply daydream. […]

magic money spirit coins

Magic Money & Spirit Coins

“If you wanna get seriously rich, what you need is magic money,” my voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe said once, as we sat in a tiny Italian cafe in the Kings Cross area of London. “Magic money?!” I exclaimed, with a grin. “Ain’t no joke,” replied Earl, with a dismissive sweep of his hand. “Might be […]

love drawing mojo

Return A Lover With Voodoo

Has your lover run out on you? Is your heart broken? Do you despair at ever being happy again? Well it IS possible to bring them running back to you. So for whatever reason, your lover has left you. The person you put your trust in. The person that was your all in life. They’ve abused your […]

“People ask how I became a Voodoo man. It all began in the 1980s. I was about nineteen. A struggling guitar player and writer living in a shabby, one-room apartment in North London, England. I didn’t have a job. I just wrote songs and stories. I played gigs which made me money here and there. […]