As A Satanist Society, What Moral Values & Standards Do You Have, If Any?

video interviews doktor snake

In this video, Doktor Snake discusses the morals and standards upheld by The Diabolus Society. He emphasizes that this Satanic organization is rooted in the traditional values of the past, pointing out that modern”woke” times are an “absolute disaster for man, woman and child.” He contends that most people are literally “sleeping” their way through life, with very little or no conscious awareness and thus they react to everything in life, rather than being pro-active and creating the life they desire.

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  1. jenileefromqueenslandaustralia
    jenileefromqueenslandaustralia says:

    although I am always in trouble in one way or another, I sincerely believe as do others, I do have moral values and ethical standards. I do onto others, what they would do to me – whether its good or bad; after all if you are a ‘crap or bad person, it reflects, if you have morals it comes out into one’s being and your surrounding areas – one can survive no matter what!

    • Doktor Snake
      Doktor Snake says:

      The key is self responsibility. Not needing a religion, or a god, to behave honorably and decently. In many respects rational self-interest is far more honest. And if others follow that basic model too, then you are less likely to conflict with each other. The best maxim is to live and let live. If others attack you then anything goes. Defend yourself to whatever degree stops them.


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