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Casino Conjure Spell

Powerful aetheric gambling spell + MP3 audio to get you into the zone. A mysterious man walked into the casino… Which slot machine was the lucky one? It didn’t matter. Luck didn’t come into it. This was about harnessing the aether. The matterium bends to its subtle force. Who was this man? It was Doktor […]

Rekindle Lost Love with Powerful Voodoo Rituals

How to Use Voodoo to Bring Back Your Ex-Lover and Heal a Broken Heart Introduction Experiencing the heartache of a lost lover can be a devastating and emotionally draining experience. If your partner has left you, leaving a void in your life, know that there is hope to reignite the spark and bring them back […]

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Miracle Mantra

Manifest your heart’s desires – mind science of the Indus Valley – from old Nosferatu tongue… How it works This is deep magick born in the ancient past when strange “gods” (the Creators) came to our planet, perhaps from far away in the cosmos… They used their advanced tools to upgrade those hominids indigenous to […]


Black Work Of Hell

Dire, desperate, dreadful… and the job seriously needs to be done… On Sale! Big reduction. Limited time only. Works on evil-doers, narcissists, troublemakers, those that exploit you, bad relationships partners… anybody that is a wrong-doer. Puts a stop to their malign machinations. Can also be configured to push them to wake up – IF it’s […]



Do you need prayers? Do you need a boost to help with a situation? To get a job or a qualification? Is a loved one sick or dying? Let us assist in helping your loved one through the veil. Whatever your need may be, Dark Angel and Doktor Snake will help by lighting a candle […]