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How To Deal With Annoying People

When people make your irate or indignant, it’s not them that do it. It’s you! In this podcast I give your the tools you need to stay calm with people that wind you up. You’ll be able to deal with situations a lot better and you’ll feel great despite people being hellishly irritating.

Magick Meditation: Manifest A Given Desire (Video)

Watch this video and follow the guided mediation to manifest a given desire – to make it become reality. It’s visionary trance magick. It takes you on an inner journey to a sacred grove. Once there you visualize your desire as vividly as you can. You also state inwardly what it is you want to […]

Ed McTeer: White Sheriff Turns Hoodoo Doctor

At a conference in 1962, Sheriff Ed McTeer of Beaufort County, South Carolina, told an unusual story. Some decades previously he had gone on a mission of mercy, above and beyond his normal legal and civic duties. An evil “blue root”, or curse, had been placed on an old black woman by a malevolent Hoodoo […]

Coffin nail hex – scare the hell out of an enemy

My Vudu mentor, Earl Marlowe, always preferred curin’ to killin’. But if a wrongdoer wouldn’t back off he recommended using a coffin nail hex to cause them serious hurt. This is what he said on the subject: “Someone push you too far, no good turnin’ the other cheek. Best to fire a Vudu hex salvo […]