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Be happy with very little

The less you have the happier and more free you are. Possessions weigh you down. You need some things, obviously. But too many enslave you and place demands on your time. If you work all hours to be in a position to buy consumer goods, you have little freedom. You’re cash rich, but time poor. […]

Shortcut to wealth – want less

In the end, your level of wealth is dictated by how much stuff you want – but can’t afford. It’s all down to desire. If you don’t want a lot, but can pay your bills, and have a reasonable place to live, you’re doing okay. You could call yourself rich because you have all you […]

How to get what you want in life

The first step to getting what you want in life is to recognize that you are God. It’s you that make things happen. You create your reality and situation and the issues you face. Therefore, you can create the life you want. It’s all about taking the time to actually do it. Of course, it […]