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The Illuminati: Adam Weishaupt & The Alleged Global Conspiracy That Has Shaped Modern History

The Illuminati was a secret revolutionary society founded in Bavaria in the 18th century, which sought to destroy monarchies, the Church, and the ownership of private property – along with creating a social utopia where everybody was equal and free love was a human birthright. But is the Illuminati still active today – sparking wars, […]

Who Are Your Favorite Authors?

Doktor Snake discusses his favorite authors, focusing on Michael Moorcock and his novel Gloriana, which is set in a slightly alternate Elizabethan England, with Dr John Dee and other notables of the time. Doc says his favorite character in the book is the utterly amoral Captain Quire, who although apparently the epitome of all evil, […]

What Led You Onto The Satanic Path?

Doktor Snake relates how he got onto the Satanic path as a young boy. After being taught the Bible stories at primary school, he asked teachers: “What exactly is the problem with this chap Satan, he seems positively benign compared to the other fellow, God…”

Do You Believe There Was A Jesus Christ?

Doktor Snake discusses Jesus Christ, contending that he didn’t exist and was most likely a marketing construct created by the then Roman Church, which, like all religions, was essentially a business. Jesus Christ was the perfect control mechanism to keep people down and compliant, willing to work for a pittance without complaining. It would make […]

Is The Diabolus Society A Religion?

Doktor Snake talks about how The Diabolus Society isn’t a religion and is more a scheme of ethics for life, where you don’t need a God to dictate how you behave. And how it is perfectly possible to figure out your own personal morals yourself and live your life according to them without imposing your […]


Exorcists Go Virtual In Global Pandemic – Removing Demons From Possessed Via Zoom

In the Covid 19 crisis, most organizations have taken to video conferencing service Zoom to conduct “business as usual.” But now even exorcists are using Zoom to remove malign “entities” from clients who believe they are possessed. Bestselling voodoo author Doktor Snake and his sidekick Dark Angel are one such example. Because the global pandemic […]

Satan’s “Great Reset”

Klaus Schwab’s “Great Reset” is one thing, how about a Great Satanic Reset to make a better world? The world has changed beyond recognition under the current Covid 19 hysteria. Economic meltdown is looming, though this will be somewhat offset with rampant (and ill-advised) money-printing by banks… the end result, however, might be hyper-inflation. All […]

Chaos Magick: Curse Of The Avenging Dark Angel

When is it appropriate to unleash a devastating, all-out “shock and awe” curse? And is it even ethical to lay a hellspawn hex on somebody? Well, it’s fair to say that the lily-livered among us would be squeamish about doing such a thing. It would offend their morality (such as it is). In truth this […]