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My Initiation Into The World Of Vudu Conjuration

How Doktor Snake was initiated into the art of conjure, and glimpsed the dancing glimmersparks whirling on the shimmering strands of destiny. It all began in the mid-1980s. I was about nineteen. A struggling guitar player and writer living in a shabby, one-room apartment in North London, England. All I owned were the clothes I […]

Dave Lee – Chaos Magician – Interviewed By Doktor Snake [PREVIEW OF UPCOMING FULL INTERVIEW]

In this preview of the upcoming FULL interview, Dave Lee, author of Chaotopia!, Life Force, The Wealth Magic Workbook, Bright From The Well, and leading light in Chaos Magick, discusses the nature of reality and how magick works. Don’t miss the full-length interview: OUT TUESDAY FEBRUARY 24TH, 8:30PM, UK TIME. Keep updated, subscribe to our […]

Who Is The Grand Architect? Musings Upon The Blazing Star, All-Seeing Eye, & The Supreme Being (Subtle Voices Of The Nine Sisters)

In Freemasonry, God is usually described as the “Grand Architect”. His symbol is a five-pointed star or “Blazing Star.” Either that or a shining pyramid with an all-seeing eye (“Eye of Providence”) inside it. Belief in this Supreme Being is a key requirement for membership in the Masons. Yet an official statement from the “Board […]

Graveyard work – Conducting Conjuration in the Cemetery

Graveyard work is a very secretive, but extremely powerful way to conduct conjuration. It involves going to a cemetery to call on the spirits to help you in matters of the heart, money, luck or personal power. Although it might sound dark and scary, graveyard work is actually an old tradition that can be traced […]

Why Do They Call You The UK’s Answer To Anton Lavey?

Doktor Snake is asked: “Why do they call you the UK’s answer to Anton Lavey?” When Doktor Snake does talks and events in Britain he’s often introduced as “Britain’s answer to Anton Lavey”, the founder of the Church of Satan. In this video Doktor Snake endeavors to fathom why people do this…

Georgia Guidestones – Defaced By Bible Belt Conspiracists – Alleging Stones Are Satanist – Direct Attack On Doktor Snake Who Conspiracy Theorists Say Is In League With Illuminati And Satan

Mysterious monument, the Georgia Guidestones, has been defaced by extremist Christians who believe that the structure was commissioned by satanic globalist elites whose agenda is a mass culling of the world population. But the anti-Satanist graffiti may be a direct attack on me… that’s what I’ve been told. Why? Because conspiracy authors are increasingly alleging […]