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Satan’s “Great Reset”

Klaus Schwab’s “Great Reset” is one thing, how about a Great Satanic Reset to make a better world? The world has changed beyond recognition under the current Covid 19 hysteria. Economic meltdown is looming, though this will be somewhat offset with rampant (and ill-advised) money-printing by banks… the end result, however, might be hyper-inflation. All […]

Chaos Magick: Curse Of The Avenging Dark Angel

When is it appropriate to unleash a devastating, all-out “shock and awe” curse? And is it even ethical to lay a hellspawn hex on somebody? Well, it’s fair to say that the lily-livered among us would be squeamish about doing such a thing. It would offend their morality (such as it is). In truth this […]

Lord Byron: Satanic Poet?

It will come as no surprise that the aristocratic rebel Lord Byron was of the Devil’s Party. In his poetry, he reveled in depicting Satan as a lonely, misunderstood, and heroic figure. Unsurprisingly, given the times, this radical reinvention of Christianity’s evil one scandalized Europe. And Byron’s colorful lifestyle only served to fuel the fire […]

Asmodeus – A Personable Demon Of Lust

So today let’s have a little fireside chat about the demon Asmodeus. Asmodeus is a demon of distinction. He has a genial nature, and it is said that he is as beautiful as Apollo to look upon. Although one might wonder at this if the depictions of him in old books are anything to go […]

The Satanic Witch Of Loddon

A towering church of the “one God” takes centre place in the sleepy, Norfolk village of Loddon. Boats glide down the river and the locals go about their day. Yet once, the village was home to a witch called Mother Chergrave, a dispenser of charms and talismans to 19th century villagers. Despite the baleful glare […]


Get Rich With Satan

The Satanic view of money is this: it’s all in the mind. Getting money is down to your mental attitude. Cash won’t come to you as a divine gift from heaven or from God (both of which are delusional mental constructs). Nor will it come via such childish concepts as “cosmic ordering” so beloved by […]

The Rationality Delusion

Today we live in a highly rational age. One day, and we pray soon, it will be seen for the nonsense it is. We’ve created a “nuts & bolts” belief system (quantum physics aside) which blinkers us to what really surrounds us in the mysterious multiverse we live in. We go about the world and […]

To Curse Or Not To Curse?

People have laid curses on those that have slighted them for thousands of years. No doubt going back to antiquity. Clearly, wishing misfortune on one’s fellow man or woman isn’t the pleasantest ways of going on. But there we are. People do it. And it’s more common than you might think. Indeed, even the pious […]