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Face It… We’ve All Got Blood On Our Hands

The squeamish need to wise up. War and oppressive foreign policy is a key factor in what keeps a nation’s economy vibrant. It’s an unpalatable truth. But imperialism is still alive and well, albeit in sanitized form. The fact is, whether they like it or not, the whining, bleeding heart liberals, along with everybody else, […]

Beelzebub’s Manual Of Black Magick

I first met Beelzebub when I was having a cup of tea at the pease pudding market stall in the city of Norwich, Eastern England. Considering Beelzebub is one of the most notorious arch-demons from Hell, meeting him wasn’t all that dramatic. I just thought he was a somewhat eccentric older fellow (most likely in […]

Conjuring Sallos, the mighty demon duke

The answer was “no”… Davina had approached us to win the heart of a man she was crazy about. To us, this wasn’t a job that required summoning a demon. The way I saw it was we’re in a potentially catastrophic economic meltdown. And here was Davina obsessed about a guy. The ship could well […]

How To Summon Slenderman

Slenderman is a thoughtform, otherwise known as a tulpa, servitor or egregore. And he – or it – can be summoned and banished. But why would anybody wish to do so? I guess some would do it for kicks, others to unleash the demonic meme on their enemies. But a secretive magickal group of my […]

How To Win Big Time At The Casino

Consistent winners know what they are doing.They never hit the casino half-cocked. They use mind power, prayer and Vudu. You go to the casino. Hit the slots. Pound your hard-earned money into the machines. Spin the roulette wheel or play a round or two of Blackjack. Sure, you’ll win now and then. That’s the casino’s […]

Black Arts Rite Of Chaos & Law + Eternal Balance

It was RedJack’s birthday, September 18th, 2017. He didn’t much like birthdays as twelve years before he’d been robbed at knife point in London on his birthday. And the balefulness of this event had stuck with him. But this birthday it would be different. I’d arranged for RedJack and I, along with natural witch, Pip DeBelfry, […]