Black Hill: Ancestral Ceremony

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Power, Protection, Prosperity

Get Prepared For The Upcoming Collapse…

  • Powerful Ritual – after sunset at Black Hill mound in West Suffolk, Eastern England.
  • Channeling ancient priest-magus – drawing down archaic energies to empower you.
  • PLUS: Audio pathworking – designed to help you connect with and imbue these energies. (You can listen to this audio anytime for further empowerment).

From: Doktor Snake
Author of “Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook”.
Friday, 4:47PM.

We all sense there is something very wrong in the world right now. Look deeper and it’s glaringly obvious. Western economies are on the brink. A collapse could come within the next two years. When, and if it does, the dollar and pound and most other currencies could well be canceled and a digital currency issued by governments in conjunction with central banks. What’s more, as each day passes, we seem to be teetering on the verge of WW3.

  1. All ways round, we’re in for a rough ride – especially with looming food shortages on top of everything else.
  2. Recognize: governments need WW3 to cover up all they’ve done since March 2020.

As individuals, we desperately need power to deal with what’s looming. Our governments won’t help us. We are “cattle” to them. They don’t care about us. They’re in it for themselves and are looking to profit – at our expense – during the collapse.

That’s why we need power…

Where to find it?

By looking back to our ancient ancestors and their occult, “right brain” technologies. This is what the current elites of this world don’t want you to know. In fact, they’re desperate for you NOT to find this out.

You see, our ancient ancestors harnessed very different energies to those we have today. Sustainable energies that did not defile mother nature’s resources; they worked in complete harmony with the natural world.

That said, some in the ancient world did evoke very dark forces, and this led to the fall of Atlantis, along with a previous civilization that existed in what is now the Gobi desert.

My focus is on the archaic technologies that were used for positive ends…

These technologies involved a combination of consciousness and the natural world. Ancient peoples were able to meld with the energy currents that crisscross the planet and enhanced them with man-made structures such as stone circles, mounds and pyramids. These were constructed according to sacred geometry, making them accumulators of the inherent energies of the Earth.

It was a merging of mind with chthonic energies, which in modern times were dubbed “orgone” by the Austrian doctor and psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich, whose findings ended up being suppressed by the powers that be, leading to his death in 1957.

Suffice to say, all this is covered up by the elite classes of this planet…

They actively suppress it to stop YOU realizing your own unique spiritual nature and the phenomenal powers you would have IF you did realize this.

It would be their downfall.

As it stands we can only harness a limited degree of this power – mostly because it’s so difficult to break through the matrix – or simulacrum – that’s been erected around us.

As to me, I first came upon this knowledge at the age of seven. I sensed it was there, all around us, and later uncovered further information in books I came across by researchers such as Rudolf Steiner, G. I. Gurdjieff, and Colin Wilson, whom I later got to know.

I continue to research all this to this day.

And thus I constructed the following working in the light of the desperate situation that is likely to befall us all soon.

Black Hill – Ancestral Ceremony

This powerful ritual will be conducted by both Dark Angel and I (with DA connected via video-link). I will go over to Black Hill Mound, which is near the village of Troston in West Suffolk, Eastern England. The mound dates back to at least 2000BC, and was a site utilized by the Ancient Britons, who also constructed such energy accumulators as Stonehenge and Silbury Hill.

Black Hill Mound

Today the mound and surrounding area is covered by trees. Long ago it would have been a large heath land, and the mound would have been visible from miles around.

Having done a lot of channeling at the site, I eventually found myself connecting with the spirit of one of the ancient priest-maguses from one for the tribes that lived in the area long ago.

They key thing I realized during these spirit communications was that our ancient ancestors from 4,000 years ago had a very different form of consciousness to us today. The logical (left brain) thinking mind was much less dominant. To the fore was their subconscious mind, or right brain, which is more visual and is at the root of psychic powers. They also had a profoundly superior faculty of memory compared to us now

These spirit communications were in the form of visionary stories…

My impression was that the use of words and metaphors, along with right brain dominance, allowed these peoples to control nature, and to have interaction with prater human intelligences, such as nature spirits – along with, quite possibly, the ability to levitate very heavy objects, which may account for how the blue stones of Stonehenge were originally transported from Wales to Wiltshire – some 200 miles. It may also explain how the Egyptian pyramids were erected.

In short, these communications with the priest-magus were remarkable. Eventually I managed to get across to him how our current world is in a perilous state – and that we are in dire need of help.

It is possible that, over time, our ancient ancestors may be able to help us en masse. But for right now, it is only possible to help us on an individual basis – to impart some level of ancient energy to get through what could prove to be the collapse of western economies, and possibly the rise of tyranny.

Therefore I put together the Black Hill Ancestral Ceremony to draw up these archaic energies and transfer them to you through channeling the ancient priest-magus.

In short, this Black Hill ancestral ceremony can bring you power, protection and prosperity to help you survive and prosper during these precarious times.

What you get…

  • Powerful Ritual: Performed after sunset at Black Hill mound in West Suffolk, Eastern England.
  • Channels ancient priest-magus – drawing down archaic energies to bring you power, protection and prosperity in these precarious times.
  • PLUS: Audio pathworking – designed to help you connect with and imbue these energies. (You can listen to this audio anytime for further empowerment).

After you order, you’ll be sent a link to your spellworking questionnaire. I’ll then get back to you within a few days with the date for your ritual. When it’s done I’ll email you a PDF letter detailing what we did, how it went, and what you do next. Also attached to that email will be your pathworking audio file (in MP3 format).

Cost: $750.00. (Delivered via email)