Black Rite Of The 7 Obsidian Kings – Ultimate Power – 5 Spellcasting Requests

black rite obsidian kings

Mission Critical – Hardcore Rootwork – Gets Results Fast

For when an issue you’re facing is at critical point and there’s no time to wait.

You can’t see a solution. You don’t know where to turn.

The situation is desperate. There’s not a second to lose. Something has to be done – and right now!

In which case, we will pull out the stops. Drop what we’re doing and get on the case.

What we do is this…

After sunset, Dark Angel and I go into a visionary trance, which takes us onto the etheric plane where we work with archaic spirits known as the Seven Obsidian Kings, incredibly powerful entities, tricky to deal with, but are able to bring serious results.

The grimoire (magic book) of the Seven Obsidian Kings was unearthed in the swirling sands of the Algerian desert during WW2 by a friend of my father’s – Jack Thacker (both were serving in special ops in the desert campaign). Jack kept the grimoire to himself, but it was clear it was a powerful book. Eventually it was handed down to me, many, many years later.

The rites from this unique grimoire are what Dark Angel and I use for this working – one of the most powerful in our arsenal of spellworkings.

The full story of the Seven Obsidian Kings is chronicled in my Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook (search Amazon to find it) or you can read it here.

All the ritual work is done in this formative realm – the etheric plane – which is a high-effective method of getting things done fast.

In the first instance we will stabilize your situation, then set the ground to bring the outcome you desire. It’s no easy task. We work on the weaving strands that lie behind an issue. The place beyond the physical plane, where everything is in a state of being formed.

Often we begin our journey in a location that is partly in the real world, and partly on the etheric plane. We typically go into trance and arrive at an old British stately home with ornate gardens and woods.

We then enter a temple…

This was built in Ancient Greek style, which are quite common at old mansions dating back to the 18th century and before. From here, we enter an almost hallucinogenic realm of weaving strands of light and glittering orbs. This is the domain of the Seven Obsidian Kings.

It’s pretty dangerous for us, but we have ways of dealing with any nefarious forces that try to attack us.

It’s here that we evoke the high spiritual forces of the Seven Obsidian Kings, who we need to help us in our quest,

We call upon them to restructure the energies surrounding your case, setting the fibers of fate up to get the results you need.

What happens next?

Once done, we return to the everyday world. And the day afterwards we let you know the working has been done, along with letting you know what you need to do next.

RECOGNIZE: This is an incredibly powerful working. It’s sheer uniqueness blows apart anything most occultists even dream of. That results will come is assured. The very hounds of hell cower when we get down to the visionary work on this one. It makes the Devil himself sit up and take notice.

The bottom line is this: If you’re serious about results… well, you know what to do…

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Five requests – “Leave it to the experts” – working delivered virtually.

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Cost: $1,000 USD.


We perform this uniquely powerful for you within 48 hours of your order (or sooner). We then email you to let you know what we did, how it went, and what to do next.