Black Work Of Hell


Dire, desperate, dreadful… and the job seriously needs to be done…

On Sale! Big reduction. Limited time only.

Works on evil-doers, narcissists, troublemakers, those that exploit you, bad relationships partners… anybody that is a wrong-doer. Puts a stop to their malign machinations. Can also be configured to push them to wake up – IF it’s in them to do so (it might not be).

This working was taught to me by my mentor Earl Marlowe (featured in my Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook). To him, when the going gets tough, it’s time to go to the Underworld to enlist the healing powers of the entities that reside there, the Stone People and others in the Chthonic Realm, which some (usually Xtians) might call Hell.

In reality it’s the place of formations, where events and situations in the Middle Realm (Earth) can be influenced and altered. In many respects, Earl practiced the old shamanic ways, which involved “vision journeys” to the lands of the spirits and otherworld entities.

Look, if you’ve got a situation going on that needs rectifying, or a person that merits their just desserts, this working will do it. It pulls no punches. It rides in like the cavalry to put things to rights.

How it works

As I say, this is a shamanistic working. It involves me going on a vision journey (astral) to the under-realm where the chthonic beings reside. I pay the gatekeeper, pass the dark gate, descend the spiraling stairs to the land of shades. From there I cross the “wailing plane” to the encampment of the Stone People.

Fires and torches light the area. I sit with the leaders of the Stone People and put across what needs to be done above on the material realm. In short I put forward you case and so long as it is just (you’ll tell me all about it in advance) they will grant your wish and it will come to pass, one way and another, in the fullness of time.

✴ Black Work Of Hell

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