Blessing At Sacred Site: Petition Cast To The Aether To Empower You


Brings a boost to you and your situation.

Doktor Snake will cast a blessing sigil into an ancient pool that dates back to the Ice Age, intoning words of power in “unknown tongues” as he does so. After conducting your blessing, he will drop an old British sixpence into the water as an offering.

Typically, the sacred site he uses for your blessing is a mysterious pool (which fills with water or is dry, seemingly at will) in the heart of the countryside of Suffolk, England. It’s a place full of tranquil atmosphere and is situated on a ley line, where aetheric energy accumulates.

Order your blessing now

After you order you’ll be sent a questionnaire to fill out your details and to submit your blessing request. Once done, Doktor Snake will email you to let you know.

Cost: $50.00 USD


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