cleopatra conjuration servitor

Beauty & Enchantment Servitor

(Under-The-Table Working - Limited Availability) Dreaming of a powerful, sexy man on your arm?  Is there a certain man in particular you desire?  Just maybe he needs a little nudging.   No harm in harnessing…
manifestation real art

The REAL Art of Manifestation

Secrets of creating your own realities by stopping internal dialog and entering the imaginal realm.
find your soul mate voodoo love spell mojo hand

When a lucky mojo rain falls – get that cash in a flash – when the dog’s got the bone you set the tone… [Doktor Snake music video]
sex money voodoo

Get Money & Sex With Voodoo – Men Only – Hardcore Conjuration Servitor

(Under-The-Table Working - Limited Availability) Dream of sexy girls on your arm? Flash car? Money to throw around? You can work to get it. But that takes years. Or you can harness the power of voodoo... With our hardcore…
bronze age mound croxton

Bronze Age Burial Mound: Spirit Serpent Vision

I recently went to a Bronze Age burial mound near the village of Croxton in South Norfolk. This is the location I do many of my rituals. But on this particular day I decided to go into trance to try and channel the energies of the place……
accident prone adhd conscious awareness

How To Stop Being Accident Prone + Cure For ADHD + Calming Unbridled Emotions

In this episode Dok and DA discuss a client who has been accident prone all her life - and provide the solution to stop it once and for all. They then move on to ADHD, which Dok contends doesn't exist. He considers it simply the mind running…
nightside sigils

Nightside Spirit Sigils: Break The Chains Of The Past & Be Reborn

When the warp and weft of fate is cast, Nightside Spirit Sigils break the chains of your past, allowing you to move forwards. The patterns of your life are set when you are young. Events and situations can cast an indelible footprint on…
sleeping robot post

The Crossroads Dilemma Of The Sleeping Robot (Video)

As we approach the lonely country crossroads, we have a decision to make. Which path to take.The decision is hard to make. For there are many inside us. Many Is. We are not alone. Lots of selves live within us. Each has a life, each has its…
find your soul mate voodoo love spell mojo hand

Find Your Soulmate: Voodoo Love Spell – Mojo Hand

Have you tired all the dating sites, still NO LUCK? Tired of blind dates, still NO SPARK? Sick of watching others happy, while you're STILL LONELY? Starting to believe that the term soulmate is just WISHFUL THINKING? Find your…