Blood Magic, Runes & The Secrets Of The Northern Tradition

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Yes, we are eclectic. We draw from many traditions. As Dark Angel always says, “We are all, and we are none.”

When she says that she’s usually talking about religion. For Dark Angel, she draws from many religions. Thus if anybody asks her what her religion is, she says, “I am all religions but none.”

As to me, I just say I’m completely irreligious!

Being eclectic, we draw on lots of diverse magical traditions and add our own twist.

One of these is Voodoo…

We have our own style known as “Swamp Voodoo”, which Dark Angel learned from her grandmother and aunt. So it’s very much the real deal, and highly authentic.

As to me, I picked it up from my mentor Earl Marlowe, a conjure doctor originally from Trinidad, who is featured throughout my Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook, which became a bestseller shortly after publication in 2000.

Equally, our roots lie in Northern European traditions…

Thus we have our Galdor Dolls, which are rune-inscribed clay manikins, loaded with magical power to bring the results you need.

Galdor is the old name for a special type of magic, conscious rather than shamanic, pro-active, and rooted in the old runic scripts of the Northern lands. It incorporates sigils of power and poetic chants from the elder tongue.

Galdor Manikin

What do Galdor Manikins do?

If you’re in a fix, a Galdor Manikin will help you out. If you need empowerment, that’s what you’ll get. Or if your situation involves matters of the heart, the situation will be put right (if your wish is righteous).

What we do

We go through our “black books” to create the Galdor formula needed to charge your manikin with numinous energy so it’s all set to get the job done.

From there, I head to a lonely hillside overlooking the windswept coastline out in the wilds of East Anglia in England. It’s very much a place of ancient shamanism, littered with Bronze Age burial mounds, known as “tumuli.”

This means it’s replete with the raw power of nature.

(Due to the pandemic, which means we are in different countries, Dark Angel and I do the ritual work via video link).

The Blooding…

The secret to magic that works is blood. Long ago, the old Northern European priests and shamans sprinkled blood on their talismans. The blood came from sacrificial animals and birds. This is where the term “to bless” comes from. But nowadays blood is no longer required, nor do we desire to sacrifice our fellow beasts of land and air.

Instead, Dark Angel creates a specially-prepared herbal tincture from wild herbs she gathers during specific lunar phases. This takes the place of blood.

That said… when you receive your Galdor Manikin, you can add power to it by using your own blood to consecrate the doll. You’d simply sterilize a needle in alcohol, prick your finger, and let a few drops of your blood fall on the doll.

Spiritual Advisory

Typically, we advise new and existing clients to have a Spiritual Advisory session with Dark Angel and I before getting started on a given magical approach.

The reason for this is we can go through your case in depth, look deeply into what’s going on, and then figure out the best remedy to fit your personal needs.

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