Break Influence Spell – Stop Relatives Or Friends From Interfering In Your Relationship – Mojo Servitor

break influence
  • Perhaps a relative (parents, aunt/uncle, grandparents, etc) of the person you love is influencing your relationship in a detrimental way.
  • Maybe your romantic partner is being influenced by his or her friends, who don’t like you and would dearly love to see you and your partner split up.
  • Or it could be your partner’s ex still has a hold over them, and wants to see you break up.
  • Alternatively, it might be a friend or relative trying to influence you.

Whatever the case, unwanted influence is a fact of life. You’d be surprised how many people have this problem.

How do you go about dealing with it?

It’s a question of deflecting the person’s influence by altering their perception. In a sense, you change the narrative that’s going on in their mind. This is most effectively achieved using astral magick, which is our favored method for situations of this kind.

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