break influence
  • Perhaps a relative (parents, aunt/uncle, grandparents, etc) of the person you love is influencing your relationship in a detrimental way.
  • Maybe your romantic partner is being influenced by his or her friends, who don’t like you and would dearly love to see you and your partner split up.
  • Or it could be your partner’s ex still has a hold over them, and wants to see you break up.
  • Alternatively, it might be a friend or relative trying to influence you.

Whatever the case, unwanted influence is a fact of life. You’d be surprised how many people have this problem.

How do you go about dealing with it?

It’s a question of deflecting the person’s influence by altering their perception. In a sense, you change the narrative that’s going on in their mind. This is most effectively achieved using sigil magick, which is our favored method for situations of this kind.

What we do

Connected via video-link, Dark Angel and I go to our respective ritual areas out back of our properties to conduct our ceremony. This involves going into a shamanistic visionary trance, where we travel the etheric plane in our spirit bodies – petitioning the spirits to “help our dear friend” in their hour of need.

From there, channeling the spirits, either DA or I create a sigil (magickal glyph) using “automatic drawing”. Once created we perform a ritual and place this sigil in a mojo bag and cast it into our ceremonial fire, the flames carrying the intention of the spell into the ether, where it can do its work and weave its web – bringing the result you require.

Mojo hand voodoo spell marry me spell working ritual commitment

Break Influence Voodoo Sigil Spell

After you order you will be sent a questionnaire to fill out giving us details of your situation. From there we set a ritual date. When done we email you a letter detailing what we did, how it went, and what to do next.



TIMELINES: Your desire can manifest very quickly. But we recommended patience. Magic is a very powerful way to change things in your life. It works in mysterious ways. Rest assured, it will have your back. The secret is to “claim” your desire, to 100% believe it will come to pass.