Brings help and support from the spirits…

State your purpose and Doktor Snake will burn a candle on his shrine for seven days, on your behalf, as an offering and prayer to the spirits. A lighted candle acts as a vibratory force and its influence can stretch beyond time and space.

It’s an elemental form of affirmation that will align you with the flow of the multiverse to give you a boost and help you along through life’s ups and downs.

See it as a helping hand that supports you through situations where you need to feel that somebody has your back. That you aren’t alone. That you’re being helped along on the path you need to go.

Candle Burning

Petitions the spirits to help you.

Only £20.00 / $28.00. (Delivered via email).

HOW IT WORKS: You’ll get an email from us confirming your order and inviting you to outline your purpose – what you want the candle burning to help you with. Doktor Snake will get it set up from there.