Casino Conjure Spell


Powerful aetheric gambling spell + MP3 audio to get you into the zone.

A mysterious man walked into the casino…

  • His gaze, his laser focus, his sheer dominant will controlled the slot machine.
  • At first it was $200 he’d score; then he’d lose $50.
  • Still in pocket, though.
  • Next thing he directed the aetheric force; pushed it down; feeling it push back for release; push pull, push pull.
  • Then came the full release – and BOOM!
  • He bagged $5K. Then went home.
  • Soon he had the casino in the palm of his hand. Not just slots, roulette and blackjack too.

Which slot machine was the lucky one? It didn’t matter. Luck didn’t come into it. This was about harnessing the aether. The matterium bends to its subtle force.

Who was this man? It was Doktor Snake.Using his innate PSI abilities he was able to sway the mysterious alchemy of manifestation in his favor. It can be the same for you too. Let Doktor Snake cast his Casino Conjure spell for you. Let him help bring you the luck you need at the gambling house.

How it works

  • Doktor Snake will select the most auspicious day and time to conduct the ritual.
  • He will cast the spell at an ancient Bronze Age Mound (an accumulator of aetheric force) in the county of Suffolk, England.
  • Entering visionary trance, he will perform the working partly in the astral realm, and partly in everyday reality… creating the conditions necessary to bring you the luck you need at casinos.

Bear in mind, you will need to get into a specific mindset when you gamble. You have to stop your thought flow; still your mind; relax your body. This allows the aetheric force to flow, both through you, and in the matterium itself. To this end, Doktor Snake not only casts your Casino Conjure Spell, he also provides you with a special MP3 audio that will help you achieve the needed mindset to bring you luck when gambling. (Wear earbuds or headphones and listen. Let Doktor Snake’s weave of words imbue you into the zone).

Are you ready to kick start your luck at the casino? Are you ready to win?

✴ Casino Conjure Spell

Sale Price: $350 USD. (Normally $550). Limited time only.


After you order you’ll be sent a questionnaire to fill out your details and to outline your request. You’ll then be sent your ritual date. Once conducted, we’ll email you a letter with details of what we did and what you do next.

Doktor Snake,
His Seal, The Eclipse

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