Casino Conjure Spell

Powerful aetheric gambling spell + MP3 audio to get you into the zone. A mysterious man walked into the casino... His gaze, his laser focus, his sheer dominant will controlled the slot machine. At first it was $200 he'd score; then…
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Clauneck Pathworking – Wealth Machine – MP3 Audio

Invocation of demon Prince Clauneck for money and power... This unique guided audio, written and recorded by the enigmatic Doktor Snake, is designed as a pathworking and invocation of the demon prince Clauneck. It invites you to embark on…
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PSI Power #1: Journey to the Place of Manifestation

Awaken Your Potential and Manifest Your Dreams with PSI Power... Immerse yourself in the hypnotic narrative by Doktor Snake, leading you into the heart of your subconscious, where dreams take shape and become reality. Enveloped by atmospheric…
miracle mantra mp3
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Miracle Mantra

Manifest your heart’s desires - mind science of the Indus Valley - from old Nosferatu tongue… How it works Simply listen to the MP3 audio and be imbued with the magick. Let it flow through your very bones and energy centers. Feel…

Blessing At Sacred Site: Petition Cast To The Aether To Empower You

Brings a boost to you and your situation. Doktor Snake will cast a blessing sigil into an ancient pool that dates back to the Ice Age, intoning words of power in "unknown tongues" as he does so. After conducting your blessing, he will drop…
sale items ancient hill

Sale Items

Once In A Lifetime Sale! Over 60% Off!
subliminal magick
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Subliminal Magick – Self-Improvement – MP3 Audios – Make Changes In Your Life

Play your Subliminal Magick MP3 audio file on your phone or computer, ideally using earbuds or headphones. All you need do is listen to the MP3. Guideline PDF included. (Instant download). Each Subliminal Magick audio is a soundscape with…
astral plane distance influence

Distance Influence Workings – Psychic Power – Influence Individuals + Change Events

PSI workings conducted on the astral plane (hyperspace). Name your requirement and Doktor Snake will take care of it (typically within 48-hours). Distance influence or PSI workings are performed on the astral plane to directly influence…
satan money covenant

Satan’s Money Covenant

Powerful working to draw cash even in the shot-up economy… “I warned him not to do this…I pleaded with him. He didn’t listen.” Dark Angel. Let’s make no bones about it. This ritual will bring you money – even in the shot-up…