candle burning prayer

Candle Burning: Petitions The Spirits To Help With Your Situation

Petitions to help with your situation and support you. State your purpose and Doktor Snake & Dark Angel will burn a candle on their shrine for seven days, on your behalf, with a prayer to the spirits... A lighted candle acts as…
tar water

Tar Water (5ml Bottles)

Authentic Tar Water blended by Dark Angel (and charged by DA and Doc). Used to protect yourself from malign influences, such as evil spirits, demons, dark forces, the evil eye. It’s an ancient concoction that will nullify all malefic energies…
hex ball

Hex Ball stop them in their tracks with voodoo hex

Deal With An Enemy With Maximum Prejudice. Traditional rootwork formula to put a stop to miscreants. NOTE: Don't resort to hexing UNLESS there is good cause. Created by Dark Angel in the swamplands of Mississippi. If you need somebody…
goofer dust

Goofer Dust (Vial) Voodoo – Hoodoo

Most authentic voodoo goofer dust on line Powerful Protection And/Or Cursing Formula. Use to keep black work and negative energies away from you. Or to hex an enemy or cross a relationship. Comes complete with leaflet of instructions. Only…
devils walking stick oil

Devil’s Walking Stick Oil – Seceret voodoo recipe

Makes the Devil walk away and removes all evil from your life. Gathered from the swamps of Southern Mississippi, Dark Angel's Devil's Walking Stick Root formula is highly protective and will keep away all forms of negativity and nefarious…
vudu dolls handmade

Personal Power voodoo Charm: Loaded With Numinous Energy At Ruined Church

Get through difficult times and get on the up with this powerful occult charm, charged by graveyard spirits to increase your personal power. In our current uncertain world, you cannot predict what the next few months will bring. Not even…
voodoo box ritual

Voodoo Box Spell: Loaded With Power To Solve Your Issues

Hex. Love. Protection. money. legal. all needs. Offers maximum Voodoo power. Cast in the graveyard. Calls upon the spirits... Dark and brooding, amid the windswept cottonfields of the Deep South, we conjure the spirits of swamp…
conjure bottles

Conjure Bottles: All Round Voodoo Powerhouse

Buy with a mojo bag (for maximum firepower) you get a $275 discount! If a wrong-doer has hit you with a curse, you'll be clear of all ill-effects and maledictions. If the love of your life has walked out, they'll come runnin' back. If…
vudu dolls handmade

Voodoo Dolls: Love, Protection, Hex

Voodoo dolls handmade by Dark Angel. Love and passion. Protection from negative forces and people. Retribution on a wrongdoer. Charged under the silvery light of the moon by Dark Angel and I. First we consult our black books…