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JuJu Bags

Swamp voodoo formulas for all your needs... (one request per Juju Bag) Juju bags can be configured to all requirements, including love, money, gambling luck, spiritual protection, securing a job, and making a person bend down or comply to…

Mother Chergrave’s Candlemas Charm: Increase, Positivity & Better Things To Come – Old Time Witchcraft Magick

This is an all-round “powerhouse” of a magickal charm that is all about increase. Candlemas, or "Imbolc" in the ancient Celtic calendar, marks the first signs of spring when everything starts to grow again and the daylight hours begin to…

Wealth, Power & Dominance Ultra voodoo spell power

Navigating The Great Reset With Post Truth Magick & Mind Power Tactics... Doktor Snake, ft. Dark Angel "Nothing is true, everything is possible." About Doktor Snake Author of the world’s #1 bestselling book…
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Exorcism Services – Demons & Evil Spirits Cast Out – Inc. Succubi & Incubi

DEMONOLOGY EXPERTS WITH OVER 40 YEARS EXPERIENCE COMBINED Are you or one of your loved ones being harassed and tormented by a demon or evil spirit? Are you being visited at night by an incubus or succubus? Are you plagued by strange,…

Archangel Doll: Spiritual Cleansing & Protection

Archangel workings help with protective and spiritual cleansing needs, along with removing black magic or dealing with wrongdoers.
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Demon Summoning: Harness The World-Shattering Power Of Infernal Spirits

Get ahead in life by harnessing the power of the 72 infernal spirits of The Goetia for wealth power, and dominance or hell-spawned curses.
Galdor Doll

Galdor Manikins: Magick Drawn From The Lands Of Ice & Fire

Sigil-worked clay manikins loaded with magickal power to bring the results you need... This is old Northern Tradition magick, with roots in Norse, Anglo-Saxon, Teutonic and Icelandic bloodlines - Doktor Snake and Dark Angel's ancestors.…
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Lucky Halloween Ancestors’ Spellbag – Money & Gambling Luck, Good Fortune

Get a lucky boost in your fortunes with this year's Halloween Special... Halloween or "All Hallow's Eve" is a very powerful time to conduct workings related to our ancestors, ancient and modern. In bygone times, most people would bake…

Lord Sol’s Gambling Luck Talisman

Powerful ritual drawn from an ancient rite. Calls upon Lord Sol. Talisman charged under the noonday sun. Brings an abundance of gambling luck to the one who owns this unique artifact. Gambling luck is tricky. It comes and it goes.…