halloween ancestors lucky spellbag sixpence

Lucky Halloween Ancestors’ Spellbag – Money & Gambling Luck, Good Fortune

Get a lucky boost in your fortunes with this year's Halloween Special... Halloween or "All Hallow's Eve" is a very powerful time to conduct workings related to our ancestors, ancient and modern. In bygone times, most people would bake…

Lord Sol’s Gambling Luck Talisman

Powerful ritual drawn from an ancient rite. Calls upon Lord Sol. Talisman charged under the noonday sun. Brings an abundance of gambling luck to the one who owns this unique artifact. Gambling luck is tricky. It comes and it goes.…
clauneck money machine

Daimonic Money Machine Ritual: Harnesses The Power Of “Clauneck” To Kickstart Your Finances & Get You On The Up

Attracts cash 24/7, even when you sleep. Bestows abundance. Acts as a spiritual "servant" working to bring you money and cash. With economies tanking amidst the post-pandemic world, most people are seriously concerned about their livelihoods.…
halloween ancestors night spell all souls night

All Hallow’s Eve Conjure Working: Gain Wisdom & Personal Power – Unique Halloween Ancient Ancestor’s Ceremony

Powerful conjure working to harness atavistic energy on All Souls' Night... As All Souls (Halloween) approaches, Doktor Snake and Dark Angel will illuminate the nocturnal gloom of their cellar with old Edwardian oil lamps and candles. Pouring…
st johns eve spirit charm

Ancient Magic Rite – St John’s Eve Spirit Charm (Hand-Carved) – Arcane Spell For Personal Power And Mighty Will To Shape Your Destiny

Shape your destiny with this powerful ancient magic rite. Designed to forge a mighty will and boost your personal power. Take command of your life and your fate, unleash the hidden god within. Master and dominate others, make them…
doktor snake and dark angel

About Doktor Snake & Dark Angel

Doktor Snake is one of the foremost authorities on Voodoo and Mind Power, along with being the legendary author of Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook, the world’s #1 bestselling book on Voodoo and Get Money.

Spirit Bottles: High Octane Voodoo For Wealth & Fame

My spirit bottle working is a powerful working geared to help you achieve success. It's for entrepreneurs and people in the entertainment business. It's configured to boost your magnetism and charisma, which is critical to reaping big rewards…