new year 2022 lucky sun ray baal stone

New Year 2023: Lucky Sun Ray Sigil & Baal Stone Ritual

Attract and maintain good fortune throughout the coming year... Two options Sun Ray Sigil. (Sent via email with instructions). Baal Stone Ritual. (Spellbag mailed with letter of instructions). Sun Ray Sigil To bring you good…
do my bidding underworld working

Halloween Ritual – Do My Bidding! Commanding! Psi-Power Ceremony Conducted In The Underworld – October 31st

Psi-power ritual - land of shades - All Hallows Eve... Command unbridled passion - make somebody fall for you - make them crazy about you. Get the edge in business - dominate CEOs and team members - win a project - seal a deal. Sway…
cross compelling

Cross Of Compelling Ritual: Charm Your Way Into The Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of…

Everybody Loves Charm! Doktor Snake's family has passed this recipe down from generation to generation... From: Dark AngelThursday 19:47 PM Everyone who has ever spoken to Doktor Snake would agree. He could charm the rattlers off…
blessing jesus joseph arimathea

Sacred blessing of Jesus Christ and Joseph of Arimathea…

Holy rite performed at Glastonbury Tor - May 31st. (Limited to 15 spots). How it works At the end of May, I'll be traveling to Glastonbury in the southwest of Britain. Glastonbury is known as sacred site, with its connections to Jesus…
walpurgis ritual ceremony

Walpurgis Night Of The Witches Ritual (April 30th)

Powerful ritual - conducted on April 30th at the "Witches Stone" - channels medieval witches to manifest specific needs or desires you have in life... Special discounted price: $250 (normally $750). Brings... All round power and protection.Gets…
Egyptian Cat Snake Wand

New Year 2022: Luck, Money, Prosperity – Lucky Seven Gris-Gris & Lucky Cat MegaBlast Ritual

There is no certainty about 2022... Things could be okay; or they might not be... All hell could break loose... One thing is for sure, in the aftermath of the pandemic (presuming it ever ends) we're going to have to pay for the…
halloween mandrake effigy

Halloween Ritual: Manifest Your Ancestors

Open the veil between our world and the realm of the dead on All Hallows Eve (works all year round, begins on Samhain). Charged in the sultry swamplands of Mississippi and the heartland of ancient Albion, this Mandrake Servitor Doll will…
blue moon magick manikins

Blue Moon Manikin: Sex, Passion, Commitment

Blue Moon Voodoo To Turn UP The Heat & Passion In A Relationship
Meteor Effigy Ritual

Fireball Meteor Ritual

Harness the power of the Perseid Meteor Shower for prosperity, financial security and abundance... As the Perseid Meteor Shower reaches its peak in the middle of August, 2021, very specific energies are unleashed. This year some of the meteors…