Casino Conjure Spell

Powerful aetheric gambling spell + MP3 audio to get you into the zone. A mysterious man walked into the casino... His gaze, his laser focus, his sheer dominant will controlled the slot machine. At first it was $200 he'd score; then…

Black Work Of Hell

Dire, desperate, dreadful... and the job seriously needs to be done... On Sale! Big reduction. Limited time only. Works on evil-doers, narcissists, troublemakers, those that exploit you, bad relationships partners... anybody that is a…
spiritual cleansing doktor snake

Gris Gris Ritual – Spiritual Cleansing – Aura Purification – Black Magic & Negativity Removal – Protection

Keeps the devil down in the hole, allowing you to walk in the light of goodness and righteousness. Have you been hit with black magic? Have you been hexed? Is your life on a downward spiral? Are you surrounded by negative energy? If…
megablast doktor snake voodoo

DEFCON 1 – Xtreme MegaBlast Spell – 3 Requests In One – Maximum Voodoo Power – All Needs

Warning! All out nuke - when it's time to drop the bomb! Love spells, money spells, return a lover, court and law spells, love drawing, stop straying, bad neighbors, protection spells, curses and hexes. The Xtreme MegaBlast spell caters…
xtreme curse removal

Curse Removal Ritual – Xtreme Power – Breaks Any Hex Or Evil Work – Including Break Up Spells + Generational Curses

Fantastically powerful Xtreme Curse Removal Spell... Rids you of the baleful effects of a curse and evil spells - including break up spells and generational curses. Built in protection to stop any further bad work impacting you. PLUS:…
coffin box vudu hex

Coffin Box Serving Justice – 1 Enemy At A Time For Over 500 Years And Counting – Judgement Day For The Enemy! Justice For The Victim!

Coffin Box Curse - Righteous Retribution - Justice served within a coffin box Powerful dark voodoo hex to force a wrongdoer to repent their misdeeds... It is as simple as this. They will pay. They will be brought to judgment within their…
Road opener

Road Opener: Clear The Ways

"I was stuck, everything turned to bad, now I'm on track." When the roads are blocked in your life, it seems like there are no answers. No solutions. And nothing goes right, no matter how hard you try. If it's a relationship, you'll…
king dominator

King Dominator: Men Only: Unstoppable Voodoo Love & Sex Spell That Controls Any Woman – Without Fail…

Male domination over a woman: Win a woman’s heart, return your ex, or have endless nights of sex with the female of your dreams... This powerful Voodoo spell is configured to control and dominate any woman. Uses include making a woman…
zombie mummy formulation

Voodoo Zombi Mummy Domination Formula No.7 (2.0)

ON SALE: was $750 – now $275 (limited time only). Enter this code at the checkout: 6425. Bend any man or woman to your will. Gain dominant power. Influence others with unstoppable will. Works in relationships, business, the workplace,…