blessing sacred site odin freya

Blessing At Sacred Site: Petition & Prayer To Empower You

Brings a boost to you and your situation. Doktor Snake will petition the old gods and goddesses of yore on your behalf (he will choose the appropriate deity for you). After conducting your blessing, he will bury your petition paper in the…
subliminal magick

Subliminal Magick – Self-Improvement – MP3 Audios – Make Changes In Your Life

Play your Subliminal Magick MP3 audio file on your phone or computer, ideally using earbuds or headphones. All you need do is listen to the MP3. Guideline PDF included. (Instant download). Each Subliminal Magick audio is a soundscape with…
distance influence working

Distance Influence Workings – Psychic Power Pack – For Emergency Situations (Influence Individuals + Change Events)…

Distance workings conducted psychically on the astral plane (hyperspace). Name your requirement and Doktor Snake will take care of it (typically within 48-hours). Distance workings are for emergency situations and can be done within a…
sigil magick

Sigil magic – heavy duty fire power – get the job done – maximum results in minimum time – delivered via email…

From: Dark AngelFriday 17:23PM How would it feel to have somebody take care of whatever you need. Such as: Several thousand bucks to help you pay some bills. Get rid of that annoying girlfriend that just keeps messing up your marriage. Boost…
Luck Coins

Lucky Coins

Mysterious old British pennies that bring good fortune... People have been down on their luck, at their very wits end of despair...but when they found or stumbled across a lucky coin everything changed for them... Through some odd circumstance,…
Egyptian Cat Snake Wand

Curios: Spiritual Baths, Anointing Oils, & More

Our curios consist of addons for existing spellworkings you've had done. Or they can be used as standalone magickal items in themselves. All ingredients are gathered from nature by Dark Angel and are charged by her and Doktor Snake.
lucky numbers spirit hand

How To Get Lucky Numbers – Mysterious Spirit Hand Technique Revealed

How To Get Lucky Numbers Doktor Snake shows you how to harness the power of the mysterious “spirit hand”... The key to getting winning numbers for lotteries or games of chance is by channeling the spirit world. You can channel…
spiritual baths

Spiritual Baths: Remove Negativity, Restore Your Soul

Authentic spiritual baths made to order by Dark Angel... Whether you need to shake off evil or restore your spirit, Dark Angel's spiritual baths will renew your mind/body system. If you need to shake a jinx, restore your luck, remove…
red brick dust

Red Brick Dust

Use it to clean your entrance ways (front and back), window sills or the four corners of your house, apartment or place of business. Can be added to floor washes or sprinkled directly to ward off evil, curses, or to keep enemies away. Alternatively, sprinkle it in your car or truck to ensure safe travel.