sigil magick

Doktor Snake and Dark Angel charge all items with arcane power, making them artifacts of numinous energy that will manifest your requirements on the material plane.


astral plane distance influence Power Pack: Distance Workings – Influence Individuals Or Situations – Change or Alter Events – Empowerment – Hex & Psych Attack – Manifestation - Distance workings conducted remotely on the astral plane (hyperspace)... Distance workings can be done within a day or two of… Read More
sigil magick Sigil magic – heavy duty fire power – get the job done – maximum results in minimum time – delivered via email… - From: Dark AngelFriday 17:23PM How would it feel to have somebody take care of whatever you need. Such as: Several… Read More
Luck Coins Lucky Coins - Mysterious old British pennies that bring good fortune... People have been down on their luck, at their very wits end… Read More
Egyptian Cat Snake Wand Curios: Spiritual Baths, Anointing Oils, & More - Our curios consist of addons for existing spellworkings you've had done. Or they can be used as standalone magickal items… Read More
lucky numbers spirit hand How To Get Lucky Numbers – Mysterious Spirit Hand Technique Revealed - How To Get Lucky Numbers Doktor Snake shows you how to harness the power of the mysterious “spirit hand”... The… Read More
spiritual baths Spiritual Baths: Remove Negativity, Restore Your Soul - Authentic spiritual baths made to order by Dark Angel... Whether you need to shake off evil or restore your spirit,… Read More
red brick dust Red Brick Dust - Use it to clean your entrance ways (front and back), window sills or the four corners of your house, apartment… Read More
anointing oils candle dressing Candle Dressing & Voodoo Anointing Oils - For dressing candles and feeding mojo bags. Dark Angel's candle dressing/anointing oils are 100% natural, hand-made from plant and root… Read More
b52 candle booster B52 Candle Booster - Increases the power of your spellworking. Literally launches a "B52 Bomber" in spiritual terms to add that extra boost that… Read More
candle burning prayer Candle Burning: Petitions The Spirits To Help With Your Situation - Petitions to help with your situation and support you. State your purpose and Doktor Snake & Dark Angel will burn… Read More
tar water Tar Water (5ml Bottles) - Authentic Tar Water blended by Dark Angel (and charged by DA and Doc). Used to protect yourself from malign influences,… Read More
goofer dust Goofer Dust (Vial) Voodoo – Hoodoo - Most authentic voodoo goofer dust on line Powerful Protection And/Or Cursing Formula. Use to keep black work and negative energies… Read More
devils walking stick oil Devil’s Walking Stick Oil – Seceret voodoo recipe - Makes the Devil walk away and removes all evil from your life. Gathered from the swamps of Southern Mississippi, Dark… Read More