charms and talismans

Magically-charged crystal bracelets and necklaces – made to order and charged with magical power according to your needs…

Dark Angel creates your talisman using her collection of crystals. After that, we get together to perform a ceremony to charge it with arcane power, making it a living, breathing artifact that will help you gain a given desire in life.

Wear a charged pendent or bracelet and it will bring you into alignment with the spiritual realm, the place of formations where your deepest wishes can manifest in everyday reality.

crystals, charms, talismans

When you put in an order, you’ll be directed to a questionnaire to supply your details, along with detailing what you want your talisman to achieve (your intention).

PLUS you will be able to choose whether you prefer a necklace or bracelet.

Dark Angel will then create your talisman to order, and we’ll both charge it with numinous power.

Order Your Talisman Now

Please allow ten to fourteen days for delivery. Outside the US can take a little longer.

Cost: $145. (P&P included in price).