Coffin Box Serving Justice – 1 Enemy At A Time For Over 500 Years And Counting – Judgement Day For The Enemy! Justice For The Victim!

coffin box vudu hex

Coffin Box Curse – Righteous Retribution – Justice served within a coffin box

Powerful dark voodoo hex to force a wrongdoer to repent their misdeeds…

It is as simple as this. They will pay. They will be brought to judgment within their own mind by their soul being trapped within this mirrored coffin box. The mirrors are designed so that the person trapped has to face themselves, and all the wrongs they have commented. (JUDGEMENT DAY).

One of two things will happen if you choose this working.

  1. They change their ways and beg forgiveness.
  2. Or they will be doomed to hell within their head and cursed forever.

It’s their choice. It will make them see themselves for what they truly are.

It’s mirror magick. It reflects all their wrongs like watching a movie of their life, through the victims’ eyes. If they truly are evil, and have no remorse, all they’ve done will come back on them like they’ve been hit by a runaway train.

It won’t be pretty. But that’s their lookout. If they’ve laid bad work on you, or hurt you, or someone you love, the curse will fly back at them like a cruise missile with a megaton payload.


They’ll get a taste of their own medicine. It WILL NOT taste good, nor will do them any good. They asked for it.

TO REPEAT: THIS IS NOT A DEATH CURSE. We’re not putting them six foot under, we’re simply making them face up to the wrongs they’ve done. They will be haunted by their actions that caused you grief or harm or spiritual distress.

They will have no choice but to watch what they’ve done over and over again, their sins confronting their evil ways, never to escape – unless they beg forgiveness and change.

dark angels coffin box ritual

How it works

Dark Angel fixes up the box itself, carefully placing a reflective surface on the inside of the box’s lid. A photo of the wrongdoer is placed in the Coffin Box, along with Goofer Dust, Manikin Doll, and a Juju Bag of roots and herbs, specially collected for their properties of casting evil back to sender.

Additionally, nine rusty nails are included to symbolically trap the person, plus various medieval sigil staves, to put fear in your enemy, are inscribed on the exterior of the box.

What we do…

Once the Coffin Box is ready, Dark Angel and Doktor Snake get together to conduct the ritual and charge the box with hellish energy. They go to a ruined medieval church by the coast, which has a baleful reputation for being by malevolent ghosts and spectral creatures, such as phantom hounds.

Using various arcane chants and conjurations we load the box with maleficent energy. At this point, the atmosphere typically turns heavy and forebodingly still.

Then a miasma descends, which demands a great deal of resolve to deal with. But this is the power needed to transform the box into a powerful “hex machine”. We’re used to this kind of thing so have numerous ways of dealing with it. Once done, we leave offerings to appease the spirits.

Then Dark Angel takes nine nails, representing the crucifixion of Jesus and the two men that hung beside him. Nailing the lid shut, she draws sigils in chalk, entrapping the soul, bringing their fate. She then buries the box. They will have no choice but to face their Judgment Day or go insane.

Good for anyone you feel should face the consequences of their actions.

  • Cheating spouse
  • Someone who has harmed a loved one
  • Someone who has done evil to you or a loved one.

This will bring you or a loved one that much-needed justice.

Coffin Box

Righteous Revenge Against Wrongdoers.

After you order you’ll be sent a questionnaire to fill out your details and specific request. You’ll then be sent your ritual date. Once the working has been conducted, we’ll email you a letter detailing what we did, how it went, and what to do next.

Cost: $400 USD.


TIMELINES: Your desire can manifest very quickly. But we recommended patience. Magic is a very powerful way to change things in your life. It works in mysterious ways. Rest assured, it will have your back. The secret is to “claim” your desire, to 100% believe it will come to pass.