Coffin nail hex – scare the hell out of an enemy

coffin nail hex

My Voodoo mentor, Earl Marlowe, always preferred curin’ to killin’. But if a wrongdoer wouldn’t back off he recommended using a coffin nail hex to cause them serious hurt. This is what he said on the subject:

“Someone push you too far, no good turnin’ the other cheek. Best to fire a Voodoo hex salvo at ’em. One they’ll never forget. It won’t put ’em six foot under, but it’ll scare the burnin’ hell outa them.

What you do, you dig up an old coffin in a graveyard and remove the nails from it, saying:

‘Nails, I take you so that you may serve to turn aside and cause evil to all persons whom I will. In the Name of the Father, and the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.’

Then find a footprint that your enemy’s made. Drive one o’ the nails into it, saying: ‘Pater noster upto in terra.’ That’s callin’ up the Devil, it means ‘Our father who art on earth,’ not heaven.

Hammer that nail into the footprint with a stone, do it forcefully, and say: ‘Cause harm to [enemy] until I remove thee.’

Now if yo’ enemy backs down and repents, you can remove the hex by pullin’ out the nail and saying: ‘I remove thee so that the evil which thou hast caused to [enemy] shall cease. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.’

Make no mistake, that coffin nail hex will kick an enemy’s ass.”

There were other specialist elements that went into this hex. I won’t give these here as if used wrongly the hex can turn on the sender. If that happens you’re in trouble as it’s very, very difficult to remove.

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