Conjure Bottles: All Round Voodoo Powerhouse

conjure bottles

Buy with a mojo bag (for maximum firepower) you get a $275 discount!

If a wrong-doer has hit you with a curse, you’ll be clear of all ill-effects and maledictions.

If the love of your life has walked out, they’ll come runnin’ back.

If your boss is standing in the way of your advancement, they’ll be booted out, and you’ll get ahead in quick-time.

If your luck has gone south, it’ll fly on home.

If your finances have flown the coop, they’ll home back to roost.

If your relationship is on ice, it’ll soon be burnin’ red hot.

If you need somebody out of the picture, they’ll be sent packing.

If you partner has strayed, they’ll mend their ways and be true to you.

In short, a Conjure Bottle is a sure fire way to turn everything back in your favor. It will sort out your issues and get a situation back on track. It’s old time hoodoo that backs an almighty punch.

The way it works…

Dark Angel fixes up your Conjure Bottle with roots and herbs gathered from the wild. According to what type of conjure bottle you need, it may also include Graveyard Dirt, Goofer Dust, or Hotfoot Powder.

Once everything you need has been created, Dark Angel and I go to a lonely crossroads and call upon the spirits to charge your Conjure Bottle with the power to open up the blocked roads and create a new path full of abundance and positivity.

Conjure Bottle

All round Voodoo powerhouse

Only $750.00.


Rituals are performed between seven and fourteen days of your order. Once completed, we email you outlining how the ritual was conducted, along with what to do next.