Conjure Box Ritual – Love, Marriage, Ex Back, Relationship Issues – Solved – Cast In The Graveyard For Ultimate Power

conjure box ritual doktor snake

Has your spouse or partner left you?

Is the one you love not reciprocating your love?

Is your partner holding back from taking your relationship to the next level?

Do you wish for marriage and commitment?

Has your relationship gone stale?

Do you yearn to find your soulmate?

If so, our Conjure Box Ritual calls upon a mighty spirit known as the Graveyard Snake to put things right. The rite is performed at the stroke of midnight at an old disused Victorian graveyard a few miles where I live.

As I always say: “The time to do conjuration is when the hoot owl cries and the black cat moans.”

HOW IT WORKS: Depending on your case, we create a Conjure Box, which typically will include items like Graveyard Dirt (taken from the heart area of a specially chosen grave), roots and powders, lucky Sixpence, manikin dolls, along with your petition and request, which we write as a formal letter, along with sigils, on marbled paper, using a fountain pen. When dealing with powerful dark forces it is wise to stick with traditional etiquette.

Drawing on the accumulated knowledge in our magic books (grimoires), Dark Angel and I calculate the most auspicious day and time for your ritual according to lunar and solar alignments.

black animals

At the culmination of the rite, we recite incantations in “unknown tongues” (language of the spirits) to summon the Graveyard Snake. Under the shadows cast by a solitary, towering Yew tree, the atmosphere turns eerie and cold. An array of black animals appear – often a hellish, blazing-eyed black dog, and large, languidly predatory black cat.

These spirit creatures herald the appearance of the graveyard snake. This is the yellow and black serpent from the Bible that reportedly tempted Adam and Eve. We petition the Graveyard Snake to turn the flow of fate in your favor – to resolve your situation and bring the results you desire.

We then bury the Conjure Box, which is cast to the under-realm, and becomes a living, breathing artifact of power – one which will turn the tide and manifest what you desire.

What People Say

  • “Doc brought my baby daddy back. It all good now. He not straying no more.” Desiree (Louisiana, USA)
  • “Removed the hex on my relationship, we’re all good now. We can move forwards again. I’m very happy.” Jaylee (New Mexico, USA)
  • “I had a very difficult case and you were honest with me, you said, maybe we’ll pull it off and that you’d give it your best shot – and by god, it worked! She came back to me.” Jeremy (Aylesbury, UK)
  • “It brought me women big time, thank you Doc. You’re the business!” Dave (Milwaukee, USA)
  • “I had a very difficult case with a relationship and you were honest with me, you said, maybe we’ll pull it off and that you’d give it your best shot – and by god, it worked!” Jeremy (Aylesbury, UK)

After you purchase you will be sent a link to your spellworking questionnaire where you can fill out your request and personal details, along with any supporting information about your case. Within three to five days, we’ll send you your ritual date. Once the ritual has been conducted we’ll send you an email letter with details about the ritual we conducted, how it went, and what you do next.

INCLUDES: Doktor Snake’s Spell Trance MP3 Audio for your empowerment (you relax and listen and it will do it’s work).

Conjure Box Ritual

Love, ex-back, relationship issues solved + Spell Trance MP3 for empowerment.

Cost: $500.