Has your spouse or partner left you?

Is the one you love not reciprocating your love?

Has your relationship gone stale?

Do you yearn to find your soulmate?

Our Conjure Box Ritual calls upon a mighty spirit known as the Graveyard Snake. The rite is performed at the stroke of midnight at an old disused Victorian graveyard in the city where I live. As I always say: “The time to do conjuration is when the hoot owl cries and the black cat moans.”

A couple of years back, one of our clients was desperate to return her ex. She was distraught and hurting. He’d run off after another woman. She asked me how long it would take for our Conjure Box Ritual to return him.

I prefer to be realistic and not raise people’s hopes unduly. So I said…

“It’s wise to be patient. We could be talking a couple of months, even up to six months or longer. Magick works in mysterious ways, and it tends to manifest when the time is right. You might have to hang on in there – so it’s worth thinking long and hard whether he’s truly worth it or not.”

Three days after we’d done the ritual, she calls me, saying:

“Doc, he’s come back! You told me it could be six months. It’s been three days! I can’t believe it. I’m so happy. We’re going to work things out now.”

Despite cases like that I still hold true to what I said. Results can take time to manifest. It is wise to be patient.

This holds true in all matters of the heart. If you wanted to bring science into it, you could look at chaos theory, and you’d see that all situations in the world have many interweaving parts, all of which need to come together to bring the result you desire. Whether it’s looking for your soulmate or wanting to reignite the spark in a relationship, there’s always a complexity element.

That said, there’s no reason a result can’t come within three days either. Every case is different. That’s why all we do is tailored to you as an individual and to your specific case.

How it works

Depending on your case, the ingredients in the Conjure Box typically include Graveyard Dirt (taken from the heart area of a specially chosen grave), Wish Papers, Gris Gris, Come To Me Oil, and a red candle

Drawing on the accumulated knowledge in our magick books (grimoires), Dark Angel and I calculate the most auspicious day and time for your ritual according to lunar and planetary alignments.

At the culmination of the rite, we recite incantations in “unknown tongues” (language of the spirits) to conjure the Graveyard Snake. Under the shadows cast by a solitary, towering Yew tree, the atmosphere turns eerie and cold. An array of black animals appear – often a hellish, blazing-eyed black dog and large, languidly predatory black cat.

Conjure Box

These spirit creatures herald the appearance of the Graveyard Snake…

This is the yellow and black serpent from the Bible that reportedly tempted Adam and Eve. We petition the Graveyard Snake to turn the flow of fate in your favor – to resolve your situation and bring the results you desire.

After that, the items inside the Conjure Box are loaded with arcane energy, creating a living, breathing artifact of power – one which will turn the tide and manifest what your yearn for.

What People Say

“Doc brought my baby daddy back. It all good now. He not straying no more.” Desiree (Louisiana, USA)

“Removed the hex on my relationship, we’re all good now. We can move forwards again. I’m very happy.” Jaylee (New Mexico, USA)

“I had a very difficult case and you were honest with me, you said, maybe we’ll pull it off and that you’d give it your best shot – and by god, it worked! She came back to me.” Jeremy (Aylesbury, UK)

“It brought me women big time, thank you Doc. You’re the business!” Dave (Milwaukee, USA)


Both options are equally effective.