Doktor Snake performs his magick at places of power, such as lonely crossroads, graveyards and old ruined churches – even, on occasion ancient monuments and stone circles.

Consulting his black books, he calculates the most auspicious time to conduct your working, which is carefully configured according to lunar and planetary alignments, and is always tailored to your specific case and needs.

Once you’ve ordered a working, you are sent a questionnaire to outline your requirements, along with your personal details, such as your place and date of birth. From there, Doc gives you a date for when he will perform your ritual work.

Once the work is done, he mails out your arcane items (unless you had a virtual working), along with a letter telling you all about the ritual he performed for you, along with what you need to do next.

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Spirit Bottles: High Octane Magick For Wealth & Success

My spirit bottle working is a powerful working geared to help you achieve success. It’s for entrepreneurs and people in the entertainment business. It’s configured to boost your magnetism and charisma, which is critical to reaping big rewards in life, whatever field you are in. Make no mistake, it’s high octane magick. How it works […]

Devil’s Tin Ritual: Harnesses The Power Of The “Graveyard Snake” For Maximum Effect

Have you consulted expert after expert? Have you lost hope that your case can be solved? Do you want maximum firepower to get your issue solved, once and for all? If so, my Devil’s Tin ritual brings ultimate power to the table. It can be customized for any requirement, including matters of the heart, financial […]

Mojo Hands: Ritual Artifacts – Tailored To Your Needs

With roots in the swamplands of the American South during the days when long-suffering people needed a “helping hand”, my Mojo Hands pull no punches in putting things right and solving the issues you face. Each Mojo Hand is tailored to your case, whether it involves matters of the heart, finances, spiritual cleansing or restoring […]