Conjuring Sallos, the mighty demon duke

sallos demon 19 ars goetia

The answer was “no”…

Davina had approached us to win the heart of a man she was crazy about. To us, this wasn’t a job that required summoning a demon. The way I saw it was we’re in a potentially catastrophic economic meltdown. And here was Davina obsessed about a guy. The ship could well be sinking, for God’s sake.

But that’s not the main reason we said “no.”

Davina (not her real name) has a very successful career in the City of London. She’s thirty four years old and decided that she wanted a husband and to start a family. All well and good, you might say. And I would agree. The problem is the guy she was crazy about was married with kids already, and he wanted nothing to do with her.

The married man she had her eye on was a banker in the City and this is how they came across each other. To her, she wanted what she wanted. She had no scruples whatsoever about breaking up his marriage, and had no concern for his kids.

That’s why we said “no” to Davina.

She ended up offering us $5K to call upon the appropriate demon from the Ars Goetia to hook the guy. Because we keep saying “no” to her, she offered more and more money. She is wealthy, so it was no big deal to her.

We did say to Davina that she needed to recognize that she has a “demon” in her that needs close scrutiny – a demon that is essentially a “spoiled brat.” This demon (which you could see in psychological terms), of course, is bent on getting it’s own way, irrespective of the cost and destruction it causes.

In the end we managed to get Davina to have an Ancestral Fire Reading from Dark Angel. This was one of her more extensive readings, which is pretty costly as it takes many hours to conduct, not to mention prolonged periods of concentration in visionary trance.

The upshot of this was that Dark Angel got Davina to see that she needed to deal with the “demon” within before she could progress a relationship. Because Dark Angel calls upon both her own and the client’s ancestors in her Fire Readings, Davina got a wake up call. One of the images in the flames was a representation of her grandfather. She could literally see his image in the flickering embers and this changed everything for Davina. She recognized she had become obsessed and that this was highly destructive, not just for the guy she was crazy about, but for her too.

At that point, Davina agreed to Dark Angel and I putting together a working to bring love into her life. Now we were in business and we felt working with a demon was an appropriate course of action to take. So we decided to summon the mighty duke of hell, Sallos (see picture below). Sallos commonly appears as a soldier riding on a crocodile and wearing a ducal crown. He has a number of powers, one of which is the ability to make a man love a woman (and vice versa), and thus Sallos is also able to attract love into somebody’s life.

Sallos demon duke
The mighty Duke Sallos

After Dark Angel had created one of her unique clay demon dolls, we went out to the wilds of the countryside to a ruined medieval church close to the coast. It’s a dark and desolate place, the crumbling church tower overlooking the flat and forlorn landscape – perfect for our ritual work. As midnight approached, we intoned our incantations until a strange, baleful chill overtook the air – a sign that Sallos had arrived. Dark Angel inscribed Sallos’ sigil (see picture below) on the clay doll, while I drifted into visionary trance and spoke to the demon in unknown tongues… cajoling him to load the clay doll with his powers to attract a lover to Davina.

Sallos demon sigil Ars Goetia
Sigil of the demon Sallos

Once our demonic rite was done, we left offerings of brandy and cigars for Sallos, then hit the road for home. A couple of days later we gave Davina the demon doll and told her to keep it safe and away from prying eyes. It’s been three weeks now and I understand that Davina has had a couple men come into her life, who like her, work in the City of London. She’s seeing how it goes, but feels confident that the right person for her will come along.

Above all else, the Fire Reading Dark Angel did for Davina, and our summoning of Sallos, have helped realign her thinking and put her into a much more positive mind state, which will bode well for her to find the right man to start a family with.

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  1. clayton ray davies
    clayton ray davies says:

    Too bad she wasn’t obsessed with me. Essentially it would be a kidnapping, and I would be saying ‘yes’.


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