Cosmic Mojo

cosmic mojo

Meteors, lunar eclipse, full moon – manifest wishes with our Cosmic Mojo working…

Ritual November 9th.

Full Moon on November 19th is a unique event. One to be taken advantage of in terms of bringing serious numinous power to the table.

Not only is it Full Moon, but there’s the Leonid Meteor Shower and a partial Lunar Eclipse. All at the same time.

In ages past, such events were seen as auspicious and times when you could recieve gifts from heaven – from the gods themselves.

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The Leonid meteors are produced by dust grains left behind by the comet Tempel-Tuttle, which was discovered in 1865. The meteors will mostly come from the direction of the constellation of Leo.

And with the partial eclipse, a part of the Moon will be darkened by the Earth’s shadow. This will be viewable across North America and Central America, and even in Eastern Russia and Japan.

Dark Angel and I will take advantage of this unique astromomical event.

We’ll draw down and harness the powers associated with it to create a Cosmic Mojo, which comes in the form of a specially created bracelet, and will be highly positive in intent.

It will enable you to manifest anything from love and romance to money and gambling luck.

What we do…

I’m currently in the UK. So I’ll head to a “dark skies” area that has little light pollution. It’s an area of heathland close to Dunwich in Suffolk, now a village, but once a bustling city in medieval times, which sank into the sea… some say they still hear the sound of church bells from below the waves, along with the screams of those that went under…

With Dark Angel on video link, we both go into visionary trance and via the etheric plane we pull down the energies unleashed by the conjoining of the Leonid Meteor Shower, the Particial Eclipse and the Full Moon.

What you get…

In advance of the working, Dark Angel creates a unique bracelet for you (suitable for men and women), which we charge with the energies of this solar event. This is your Cosmic Mojo. It should be worn to bring the bounty you wish for in life.

Ritual one night only – orders close at Midnight on November 18th. Dive in now so you don’t miss out.

Cosmic Mojo

Manifest wishes – ritual November 19th.

Cost: $250.00. P&P $10 (USA) – $20 (rest of world)


SHIPPING: Item kept on shrine to gather energy for three days after November 19th ritual, then shipped out to you. USA three to five days delivery. Rest of the world, seven to fourteen days.