Crawlin’ King Snake

crawlin' king snake

Get the spirit power: harness the hoodoo secrets of the “upside down man”…

Gain money, protection, deliverance and luck. See into the spirit world and be guided by the “invisibles”…

It was the very last days of my apprenticeship with voodoo man Earl Marlowe. He spiked my food with magick mushrooms, which I was none too happy about. But it was necessary to get me to my final initiation into the secrets of deep hoodoo… the stuff you don’t find in books.

All this is recounted in my Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook (search Amazon for “Doktor Snake”). If you’ve read it you’ll know this was a wild hallucinogenic journey that really did seem to take me into another dimension, where I met spirits like Papa Legba and Rabbit the soothsayer – and finally the Rattler, the desert dreamer, also known as “Crawlin’ Kingsnake” often sung about in old blues songs.

This was when Earl’s hoodoo mantle was passed down to me and I become the “Snakeman”, otherwise known as Doktor Snake and the “Name With No Man.”

So what’s this all about?

For selected clients only and for a very limited time, I’m going to go on a visionary journey (nowadays I don’t need magick mushrooms!) to call upon the Rattler, or Crawlin’ Kingsnake, to empower you and bring you that indefinable “something” most people don’t have. It will make you untouchable from hexes or any bad work. You don’t need to do a thing. In fact somebody recently said to me, “I expect you have all sorts of protection around you.”

Nope, I said. Nothing whatsoever. I don’t need it! Literally, bad work just doesn’t impact me whatsoever.

Why? Because of the power of the Crawlin’ Kingsnake…

It’s similar with money or getting what I need. Very strange. But stuff comes to me when I most require it. Like the big old Mercedes saloon sitting outside my place – hood ornament, leather seats, and one hell of a powerful engine. – 0-60 in no time, and it’ll hit 140mph no problem (I didn’t tell you that, btw!) You would not believe what I paid for it! I didn’t even bargain. The guy wanted me to have it for $2K. It’s worth many times more than that. I protested; “No way you can let me have it for two grand!”

He just wouldn’t have it. He almost forced it on me. I just thought, OK, the universe wills it. Who am I to say no.

With money, I’m not saying you end up super rich. But you sort of do. Large sums tend to come along when you need them. You get stability and a continual stream of income, often multiple streams of cash coming in (which is the ideal as your “portfolio” is diversified and thus safer). In short, you’re pretty damn comfortable when it comes to finances.

Even the place I live in now; it’s crazy. Out in the country, not far from London. Let’s face it, that should cost you a mint. It really does in normal circumstances. I needed a place due to various circumstances going on. And I walked right into this one. It was on a plate. And again, the price was just weird. I managed to stop myself saying, “You are joking right?” I bit my tongue and went with the flow. It was for real. But I can’t say why it was so cheap. To this day it makes no sense.

In the end, you just have to go with it.

Is it all down to my final initiation with the Rattler, the Crawlin’ Kingsnake?

I guess so. I did have moderate luck before that, needs generally met, but in very basic way. After my hallucinogenic meeting with the Crawlin’ Kingsnake, it all changed. That’s all I can say.

SIDE NOTE: I must add that initiation never really ends. That one with the Crawlin’ Kingsnake was really my final initiation with Earl Marlowe, who, after that, passed into the spirit realm himself – hence handing down his magickal mangle to me. Many more initiations came after that. And still do.

Back to the matter in hand…

With this Crawlin’ Kingsnake working I do for you, it won’t make you a fully fledged hoodoo man or woman, but it will bring you the power I outline above – such as luck and things falling in your lap, very comfortable finances, protection and deliverance from all evil. In other words, big time empowerment.

What I do

I go out into the country, around 30 minutes drive from me – an area where you just don’t see anybody. Very remote. There, I go into visionary trance and enter the spirit realm. I can’t say what will happen there, but I can guarantee I’ll be able to call on the Crawlin’ Kingsnake for you, and that he’ll bestow the above bounty upon you.

Bronze Age Mound

However, I will be able to tell you what transpired during my journey into the spirit realm once it’s done. It’s different every time. And I’ll recount it as an audio file – MP3. So you can listen to it. It’s usually pretty wild, so it should prove a good listen!

What you get

  • As I say, you get me doing the spirit trance ritual on your behalf, to bestow the powers of the Crawlin’ Kingsnake upon you. This is quite a thing, and I won’t be offering it very often – and it really has to be limited to selected clients, certainly those that have read my Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook – as they’ll know exactly what I’m getting at and will know the whole story.
Doktor Snake's Voodoo Spellbook

Besides this, you will receive:

  • An MP3 audio file of me narrating the “Voodoo Spirits” chapter (spirit journey) from my Voodoo Spellbook. I’ll interject the story with my thoughts, so you’ll gain the inside scoop not told in the book itself.
Voodoo Spirits chapter Doktor Snake's Voodoo Spellbook
  • PLUS: I’ll do a special audio recording (MP3) of my version of the song Crawlin’ Kingsnake… this will act as a talisman in itself. You can play it to trance-out and empower yourself whenever you feel you need it. The original blues song always varied, and mine is no exception; I rarely play it the same twice. And that’s how it should be.

The version below is a rough recording I did the other day (it’s not the version you will get, which will be personalized to you, and longer).

Crawlin’ King Snake

Harness the hoodoo secrets of the “upside down man.”
Cost: $1,500 

DELIVERY: After you order you’ll be sent a questionnaire to fill out your details and request. You’ll then be sent your ritual date. Once conducted, we’ll email your audio files.