Cross Of Compelling Ritual: Charm Your Way Into The Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of…

cross compelling

Everybody Loves Charm!

Doktor Snake’s family has passed this recipe down from generation to generation…

From: Dark Angel
Thursday 19:47 PM

Everyone who has ever spoken to Doktor Snake would agree. He could charm the rattlers off a rattlesnake!

Well, I do believe we know how. See, Doktor Snake has a bit of gypsy blood in his family. I found the ultimate charm spell that his family calls:

“Cross of Compelling Ritual”

Doktor Snake’s uncle Roland passed it down to him when he turned 17.

OK, this is what it can bring you!

  • Irresistible personal magnetism – making people fall under your charm!
  • The ability to astral travel and roam the moonbeam roads out-of-body.
  • The power to see into the future and intuit the swirling spirals that form the flow of fate.
  • And much more.

I have the secret spell from the authentic Romany gypsies! Which is Dok’s bloodline.

It comes directly from Doktor Snake’s Uncle Roland. It has been jealously guarded right up to this day. Now I am making it available to our clients.

Can you imagine being able to charm your way into…

  • Love, money, power
  • Charm and sway your way out of any situation!
  • Attract the person of your dreams with the charm you’ve always wanted!
  • Land that job you so desperately need!
  • QUICKLY ACT NOW! We only have 3 spots available!

The price is CHEAP for what you will receive in return! Cost $333.00

We will be holding THREE Cross Of Compelling Rituals.

Dates are:
» September 10th
» October 9th
» November 8th

We are accepting 20 people for each ritual date.

Our private elite group members get first dibs, and have dived in already for the Sept. 10th working. But we’ve saved seven openings for those not in our private group… and are now offering you the same opportunity.

  • Uncle Roland’s spell brings you irresistible personal magnetism – making people fall under your charm.
  • You can see it now! Job, money, lover!
  • Stop failing in these areas and take control now!

Click the link below. Let’s do it!

Cross Of Compelling Ritual

Charm Your Way Into The Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of…

Only $333.00. (Delivered via email)


A few words from Doktor Snake

“My great uncle Roland was a Roma (gypsy) on his mother’s side. He was in his seventies when I was a teenager and was then living in the county of Warwickshire in England, having spent numerous years upon the road, no doubt, due to his nomadic roots.

He had many spells, sigils, and potions at his disposal. These had been handed down over the generations. One was the Cross of Compelling, basically a sigil or glyph, which owed more to Slavic more than Christian in that the ‘cross’ was an eight-spoked wheel.

In fact, his family, which obviously is mine too, were well-liked but had a certain reputation. People didn’t mess with them. Some said they had “mullo,” or vampyre, “blood running through their veins.

Certainly, some gypsy lore has it that a vampyre can return from the dead (under-realm) and have “relations” with any woman or man they so choose. It is said that some women had long romances with men they later came to discover were of the vampyre kind. It is also alleged that vampyres can be born; they don’t necessarily have to be “turned… though that bloodline likely goes back to antiquity and could well have something to do with The Watchers of Biblical lore.

Most people will know that the vampyre is known as highly compelling and has the powers to charm and mesmerize. Few can resist this. Most are putty in their hands.

This Cross of Compelling spell was a working that Uncle Roland would conduct on occasion for people he liked in the local area. They’d have to keep on at him as he always said, “No.” And only a few knew the extent of Roland’s abilities and even fewer knew about his “other species” bloodline, shall we say. Those 6 did were very keen to garner his assistance, as you might imagine.

Anyway, I had many long talks with Roland as the sun set in the western skies..And often, we’d wander the rolling hills around his farm, typically until dawn.

He taught me all the spells and sorceries that had been handed down to him. And this Cross of Compelling is just one of them. I’ve schooled Dark Angel up in this lore and she has excelled. No surprise as she is of almost identical heritage to me, and in fact her and I go back countless aeons into the whirling spirals of stardust, from which we came, as one, then parted by the machinations of fate, but always finding each other again in any given lifetime.

So you can see why Dark Angel has my full endorsement to do this working of compelling and personal magnetism.”