If he ain’t committing and you wonder what’s going on. Bring him to a crossroads. Make him open up, consider his feelings, and make a decision. It’s now or never.

“What’cha gonna do?” That’s what this spell asks.

We’ll push him to the crossroads; he’ll see the roads he can take – all four quarters. One of them leads to you. He’s got to decide. And make the right choice.

Dark Angel fixes up a hoodoo bottle. We get together and conduct the ritual at a crossroads. Calling on the old spirit of the “four ways”.

Inside our bottle are communication herbs – fig, hops, balm, gilead, along with rice dust. Plus parchment paper with your name, his on the other.

Dark Angel takes the bottle to a crossroads and sets her rock in the middle, raises the bottle in the air, calls upon the spirits, and says:

“The time has come to bring this relationship to a head, open up communications on all for sides, and make a decision.”

After that, she hurls the bottle down on the rock at the center of the cross.

Crossroads Spell

Put his feet to the fire

Virtual Edition (Leave It To The Experts)

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