Hell Magick: Curse Of The Avenging Dark Angel

avenging dark angel

When is it appropriate to unleash a devastating, all-out “shock and awe” curse? And is it even ethical to lay a hellspawn hex on somebody?

Well, it’s fair to say that the lily-livered among us would be squeamish about doing such a thing. It would offend their morality (such as it is). In truth this isn’t the real reason. Mostly they’re terrified of the curse coming back on them! They’re afraid of karma.

The sheer irony of this is that they even entertain the idea of karma. They take the concept as gospel without a single thought of verifying whether karma exists or not. To them it must be true. They won’t accept the possibility that karma was made up, a human construct, just like Christianity and Islam, to control people and keep them down.

When it comes to cursing, I personally see it as rather tedious; it’s people with no power in the world who are desperate to find some element of control over their lives and other people. The bottom line is huge swathes of the global population want to kill people who have slighted them in some way. But they’re afraid of actually doing it as they don’t want to go to prison or end up on death row. So they resort to the next best thing: a curse.

That way they get off scot free, albeit with the pesky worry about the curse coming back on them in terms of bad karma.

All that said, there is a certain cathartic value about laying a curse. Indeed, it can be very therapeutic. You can feel a hell of a lot better after hitting somebody with a hex. It alleviates your anger, and helps you get on with your life.

In this sense, laying a curse is psychodrama, which is, after all, a branch of psychology. It also fits the tenets of chaos magick. Most importantly, it gets the rage out of your system.

Now, one of the most fun curses I’ve been involved with was laid by Dark Angel. She’s one of the nicest and most caring people I know, and very bright and intelligent; yet this was the most hellish and terrifying curses I’ve ever witnessed in my life. Good God, it would have made the whole Hierarchy of Hell cower in fear. Satan himself would have said, “Well, I’m off old chap, this is going a bit far even for me. You’re on your own for this one.”

Nevertheless, I felt obliged to assist Dark Angel in her uniquely hellish hexing activities.

The reason for her ire was down to the fact that a family member (whom I shall not name) had taken up with what we in the United Kingdom would call a chav. A disreputable lowlife with a limited number of brain cells. One would naturally consider this intolerable and a hellish curse would be perfectly in order.

So Dark Angel set about creating one of her unique clay dolls, which look scarier than the painting The Scream by Norwegian Expressionist artist Edvard Munch. She mixed all sorts of nasty materials into the clay, including gunpowder.

manikin doll
Manikin Doll made by Dark Angel (the one pictured isn’t a cursing doll, BTW)

Once the manikin doll was made and we had created a sigil for it, aimed at the unwanted person, Dark Angel set about conducting her ritual at the “Dark of the Moon”. She put the doll in a wheelbarrow (the doll was rather large) and wheeled it into into the woods, taking a heavy hammer and a handful of rusty six inch nails with her.

At this point, I was starting to think I’d be better off retreating to my study for a brandy and to settle down with a good book. But I persevered despite knowing that what was coming next wasn’t going to be pretty.

In the middle of the woods was large fallen stone, about ten foot by three foot. Dark Angel calls it her “altar stone”. A while back I looked into it as the stone has some odd markings on it, which might be random, or might be meaningful – some form of sigils from many years ago perhaps. All I could find out was some local archaeological talk from seventy years ago about the stone being ten thousand years old, although one or two other scholars disputed this. My feeling is it was used as a ritual stone by some ancient group of people. Either way, Dark Angel uses it for her more powerful magickal workings.

Anyway, she carefully placed the cursing doll upon the altar. The night was dark as there was no moon. But I’d gathered some sticks and leaves together and lit a small fire to light the clearing in the woods.

Dark Angel picked up her hammer, called upon her ancestors, and stated the purpose of the rite – to fire an unholy, vengeful curse upon the troll-like chav that she wanted out of the family picture. A dark light shone in her eyes and she screamed as she placed one rusty nail after another onto the doll and hammered them in. Then she hurled the remaining nails aside and just laid into the doll with her hammer. She was like a female version of the Norse god Thor laying waste to the Jötunns (giants), sworn enemies of the Aesir (gods).

After a minute, she’d smashed the manikin doll to dust. The curse was laid.

In some ways I thought it was something of a shame as I felt the manikin doll was something of a work of art. Never mind, this had to be done. More than anything else, it was a way for her to unleash her rage, to exorcise what had been troubling her for months. It was an act of inner appeasement.

That’s my view. But equally, one has to accept there are more things in heaven and earth, and thus the sheer rage unleashed during this magickal rite could potentially have an affect on the everyday world. And I will concede that this unwanted chav fellow has not been doing as well as he might. More than a few things have been going wrong for him. And in the fullness of time I predict he will take a serious fall… and he will be gone.

If that happens, one would have to say that it could have been coincidence, and not Dark Angel’s hellspawn curse. Then again, it might have been as a direct result of her hex. Who knows. I will leave it to you to decide…

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  1. jenileefromqueenslandaustralia
    jenileefromqueenslandaustralia says:

    Extremely interesting. I enjoy reading the Doc’s blogs and his contributions to our knowledge.!
    thanks Doc, Dark Angel nd Cynthia. You enhance my knowledge 🙂

    BRENDA says:

    I feel I have been suffering for years from a hex ,still feel unusuall pain at times I have paid different people to clear, tried different things myself and feel when un natural pains occur I try various essential oils to ease the pain.
    I have been told it would be returned to the sender but I am still to see that.
    I think it is being a coward why I have not clearly acted to send back what was done to me.


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