Dark Psychology In The Pandemic: Program Or Be Programmed

dark psychology

In the current pandemic disinformation is rife. Dark Psychology is being used to manipulate your mind. Not just on the part of governments. But also in the conspiracy realm.

Vested interests are at play on both sides. Each seeks to manipulate your mind and make you think a certain way. Each exploits your emotions using Dark Psychology to make you compliant to their agendas.

Not surprisingly, discerning the facts is no easy task. It may even be nigh on impossible to do for most people – especially if they are too far gone in terms of being manipulated by governments and security services and/or mercenary-minded conspirators operating to make a buck from page views.

Naturally, there are good people on both sides. That’s why it’s so hard to figure out the truth. But there is a way…

Dark Psychology as a defence mechanism

This involves using key aspects of Dark Psychology to defend against those who seek to control you.

Primarily you need to avoid being swept away with emotion when you assess any given narrative, be it official or alternative.

This will allow you to keep a state of clarity. You will be able to view given narratives dispassionately and weigh them up from there.

Most narratives will either be (more-or-less) true, untrue, or partly true.

From the standpoint of clarity, you’ll be able to decide on the courses of action that are best for you. In the current pandemic this may involve whether to take the vaccines or not. You will use the formula of risk management to make your decision, which is based on logic not emotion.

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Mind Manipulation – keep a rational perspective

To counter the Dark Psychology and Mind Manipulation techniques being used today, it is critical to keep a rational perspective.

This may sound easy on the surface. But it’s not.

What typically happens when you are exposed to a given narrative is your emotions kick in.

You might feel your government is hiding things, or misdirecting you, and that it has a sinister agenda.

This might be true or partly true, or it might not be true.

Thus it’s best to stay impartial, keep rational, and not let your emotions get involved (remembering it is your emotions that are used to control you by governments, cults and toxic individuals).

If you do allow your emotions to rise to the surface, you will be overtaken by them, and will buy into a narrative hook, line and sinker.

Alternatively, you might think your government is basically benign and has your best interests at heart during the pandemic. This might lead you to be fully vaccinated. But with emotion involved you’ll very likely be highly condemning of the unvaccinated and so called “refuseniks.”

This, of course, divides society and further exacerbates emotional thinking on all sides.

Divide and rule strategy of Dark Psychology

Naturally, a divided society at loggerheads with each other is right up the government’s street. It makes it easier for the authorities to keep control and “nudge” people’s behavior in the way they want. It’s “divide and rule” as the old adage goes.

As I say, the only way to avoid being manipulated in this way is to keep your emotional responses in check.

This holds true for many conspiracy narratives too (not all though). For example, when it is said that upcoming 5G technology is a “death ray” weapon for mind control or mass culling, then if you allow your emotions (primarily fear and paranoia) to kick in, you’ll be swept away with the idea, and you’ll marginalize yourself from more mainstream parts of society (again falling into the trap of divide and rule tactics).

5G could prove harmful, then again, it might not. There is no 100% consensus either way – not yet.

Some conspiracists contend that Covid 19 was released intentionally as part of a globalist plot to usher in a one-world government, mass population control, mandatory vaccines, and tracking us everywhere.

This could be true – especially if you look at the ideas of Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum (WEF). It’s a compelling notion. But equally, the WEF could simply be a faddish NGO with little genuine power. (Let’s hope so).

Again, keep a rational open mind and don’t fall into the divisive thinking where everything is black or white, with no shades of gray. This is exactly the way the authorities want you to think – and thus you’ll be playing into the hands of their own Dark Psychology tactics.

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Gang Stalking and Targeted Individuals

Another sinister form of Dark Psychology is Gang Stalking. It mostly consists of merciless harassment of victims, who are known as Targeted Individuals.

Mind control expert Rodney Oswald describes Gang Stalking this way:

“[Gang Stalking] can take many forms where persons, as “Targeted Individuals” can be victims of these behaviours from friends, co-workers, neighbours or more sophisticated attacks from the result of them being placed on a “watch list” by various government agencies, all carried out for the express purposes of harassment, revenge, retaliation, silencing, harming or controlling the Targeted Individual.”

Like 5G and one-world-government conspiracies, we find ambiguity in the phenomenon of Gang Stalking. It could genuinely be real in the sense that Targeted Individuals really are being harassed and terrorized with the tactics of Dark Psychology. Or it could be a peculiarly modern version of paranoia – a textbook mental health issue, rather than nefarious use of Mind Manipulation.

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Using Dark Psychology to your advantage

In the end, we simply don’t know what is going on. With well over seven billion world population, society is now unimaginably complex – to the point that no one person, or even large group, can’t hope to comprehend it.

Therefore, on an individual level we need to maintain a state of clarity. We need to be able to control our minds to counter the huge amounts of disinformation coming at us on a daily basis.

As I say, to do this we need to be aware of our emotional thinking and how it can overwhelm us and literally lead us down a rabbit hole of throwing in our lot with a specific narrative.

No one narrative is ever true. It can’t be in a society as complex as ours is today.

Thus we must avoid the trap of emotional thinking so as not to be fodder for manipulation.

How do you do it?

You need to learn how to be consciously aware – to create an “observer I” if you like. A central ego-self that oversees your mind and emotions. Monitors them and intervenes when there’s potential for falling down the rabbit hole of emotional thinking.

You do this by focusing your attention on your body as you go about your daily business. You keep awareness on your feet, legs, arms, torso and face. You relax each part of your body.

This stops you being too “in your head”. You stop thinking in words by default. So you could see this procedure as a form of “walking meditation.”

You also keep an eye on what you’re thinking. Learn to stop thinking in words when it is not productive to do so – such as running negative thinking patterns. But think in words when it is useful to do so.


This is mind control in action. It’s Dark Psychology applied to the self rather than it being used on you by those who seek to manipulate your mind, whether it’s governments or nefarious individuals.

It’s a way of using the techniques of Dark Psychology in a positive and productive way. What’s more, learning to control your mind will make you much happier and content in life. You’ll also have the tools you need to be more successful and achieve your goals and ambitions.

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