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Our demonology spellworkings are based on medieval manuscripts, such as the Ars Goetia, along with other magickal systems from the days of yore, updated for post modern times.

Gambling luck is tricky. It comes and it goes. Lady Luck is a fickle friend. She’ll smile on you one day; frown on you the next. But if you do get lucky with a gambling win it can be super-lucrative, even set you up for life – certainly if it’s a mega-millions lottery win. So […]

Wealth, power and dominace can all be yours by selling your soul to Satan… Who in their right mind would sell their soul to the the Devil? Who would bargain this reputedly immortal aspect of themselves for worldly pleasures, money and success? Who indeed. Most likely you, since you are reading this. But what would […]

Sigil-worked clay manikins loaded with magickal power to bring the results you need… This is old Northern Tradition magick, with roots in Norse, Anglo-Saxon, Teutonic and Icelandic bloodlines – Doktor Snake and Dark Angel’s ancestors. It gets the job done, big time, and can be purposed to all needs. If you’re in a fix, it’s […]

Makes the Devil walk away and removes all evil from your life. Gathered from the swamps of Southern Mississippi, Dark Angel’s Devil’s Walking Stick Root formula is highly protective and will keep away all forms of negativity and nefarious influences, either around you in in your home. This is Dark Angel’s special concoction, With the […]

Authentic Tar Water blended by Dark Angel (and charged by DA and Doc). Used to protect yourself from malign influences, such as evil spirits, demons, dark forces, the evil eye. It’s an ancient concoction that will nullify all malefic energies that may be impacting your life. Sprinkle around the four corners of your home, or […]

Petitions to help with your situation and support you. State your purpose and Doktor Snake & Dark Angel will burn a candle on their shrine for seven days, on your behalf, with a prayer to the spirits… A lighted candle acts as a vibratory force and its influence can stretch beyond time and space. It’s […]