Devil’s Walking Stick Oil – Seceret voodoo recipe

devils walking stick oil

Makes the Devil walk away and removes all evil from your life.

Gathered from the swamps of Southern Mississippi, Dark Angel’s Devil’s Walking Stick Root formula is highly protective and will keep away all forms of negativity and nefarious influences, either around you in in your home.

This is Dark Angel’s special concoction, With the Devil’s Walking Stick Root harvested from wild nature, she adds various other ingredients from her secret recipes and with Doktor Snake charges the jar and root with the power to dispel malign influences and entities that may be plaguing you.

Not only that, but it also brings a good atmosphere to your home and serenity to you.

PLUS: This formula is one of a kind and cannot be found in any occult book whatsoever.

Comes complete with a leaflet of instructions.

Only $60.00. P&P $10 (USA) – $20 (rest of world)


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