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Dark Angel (Sherron Sinclair) delves into the man behind Doktor Snake and finds an unusual and compelling character, who is also known as Jimmy Lee Shreeve, Dr. Hash. J. L. Shreeve, and “Don Serpiente”.

Fun facts about this unique and talented author…

  • Rock, black metal, chillout, electronic, and blues musician.
  • Artist, writer, and journalist.
  • Modern dance during his time in theater and the performing arts.

WHAT? Yes. Just keep scrolling…

Jimmy Lee Shreeve (AKA Doktor Snake)

Who is this fellow?

I met Jimmy around February 2020. At the time, I was an aspiring poet, having started writing poetry after my father passed away in May 2016.

I had a Facebook page which had a little over 85k followers.

I’d devised an unusual way of boosting my page. I’d invite people who were either flamboyant characters, or had a fan base bigger than mine, to appear live on my page. They’d read both my poetry and the writings submitted by my followers.

At the time, I needed new people to appear live on my page. So I searched Facebook for related topics – in this case the term “voodoo”, which seemed appropriate as my page tended to push the envelope on religion.

So it was no surprise I came across Jimmy – in his guise as “Doktor Snake”.

My initial thoughts were that he didn’t fit into any box and was unique. But what got me most was his name Doktor Snake, which sounded to me like a snake oil vendor or a carnival act.

Nevertheless, I thought he would be a good fit for my page. The only downside was he didn’t have many followers (I later found out he hates Facebook and his FB page was just an afterthought). In the end, I decided that if he went live on my Beatnik Show, he might generate traffic to the site, just for the novelty value, if nothing else.

What I didn’t realize was I’d met the man who would change my world. It’s now almost two years since that fateful meeting, and we’ve been inseparable ever since. We are now business partners and best friends.

I have listened to Jimmy’s stories thinking that this man has lived many lives in this life, and that all this should come to the fore.

I searched the internet and found that no one has ever asked the questions needed to show who Jimmy truly is.

So I decided to show the world the man I have come to know by rebuilding his author page.

Below is an interview I did with Jimmy, along with fun facts about him – all of which show his many faces, highlighting how he can be whoever the hell he chooses to be.

Interview with author Jimmy Lee Shreeve

By Sherron Sinclair

I’m not convinced many people in the world are truly rational and able to resist the lure of belief, whether it be archaic or techno-gnosis. That’s where the real trouble will arise. Crazy ideologues running the planet… and if they program AI, we’re in big trouble!

Jimmy Lee Shreeve

So what initially got you into writing?

Well, I had a relative on my mother’s side who was a professor at St. Andrews University in Scotland. I don’t think he was actually Scottish, he just ended up there. He was a professor of anthropology. So I remember meeting him and other members of my family there when I was a young boy. Over the years we corresponded by letter, often talking religious beliefs around the world, but from a more academic perspective, rather than that of believer. His daughter Anna was a writer in the literary field, so the idea of being a writer as a profession was very much in my background from early on. Not that I took it in. I never really sat down and thought about being a writer. In fact, it was probably Hunter S. Thompson who prompted me to do that – but starting out in the journalism field.

Probably what got me going with writing at high school was an English teacher called Mr Arthurs. I hadn’t excelled at anything, plus I couldn’t be bothered. But he got us doing creative writing. And he was very complimentary about what I’d done. Considering I couldn’t stand teachers as a rule, this guy was like he’d found a genius… not that I see myself like that. But for some reason, he was wildly enthusiastic about what I was doing. From there on I got A+ for everything I did in English lessons. On a really bad day I got B+. So I realized I could write. But my grammar and spelling were atrocious.

In truth, I didn’t really think about it. I just did it.

Where did you grow up, what life like for you as a boy?

I grew up in a village in Buckinghamshire called Stewkley. It’s in the home counties, outside London. In many ways it was an idyllic place to live, unspoilt countryside and there was a little lane to the side of the house that went out into the country and then stopped. So it was perfect to cycle for miles or walk… and play up farmers who’d come along saying “get off my land!”, some with a stick or a shotgun. I remember one very upper class landowner came along on his horse and said to me and my pals, “Fuck orrfff”… sounding like the Queen with his well-to-do dialect. I expect she talks like that in private.

I was lucky as I could do what I liked on the whole. My parents didn’t really discipline me, not in terms of corporal punishment anyway. Which might explain why I managed to blow up my dad’s shed without any real comeback after making gunpowder.

It being a rural area there was fox hunting going on. As I always loved animals, I used to climb up a tree and shoot at the fox hunters with my .22 air rifle. They never figured out who the sniper was! But they deserved every pellet that hit them. I was doing it for the foxes.

What were your parents like? They sound like they were pretty lenient.

Well, my dad was a very interesting character. He’d come from a working class background in Norfolk, but left when he was maybe 19 or 20 for London. In those days, possibly the late 1920s, this would have been unusual – getting out of where you live and deciding you could do whatever the hell you want in life. But he did.

Back then he got a place to live with a pal of his and they’d rig the electricity meter so juice didn’t cost a penny. I think they managed to run cars for free too, somehow making their own fuel from chicken droppings.

Come the 1930s, the world economy was in a bad way. So he joined the army – but the Suffolk Regiment, not the Norfolk one where he was from. A contrarian personality.

When WW2 broke out he was in the expeditionary force and he and his men got marooned in France after the British forces had to retreat back to Blighty. So they hid out and eventually found a boat to get back home. During the war he had many dices with death, but never believed he’d cop it. He always said, “If the bullet’s got your name on it, that’s it.” He was very lucky. And this ran through his later life in business and so on. He’d do some wild things and get away with it, fall on his feet.

Who were your other heroes other than father?

When I was a boy I was into the Biggles books by Captain W.E. Johns, which were about a young air ace in WW1 and moved right through WW2 to his later life in the 1950s and 60s. So the character Biggles was a great influence on me. He was courageous, but could also be rebellious and buck authority. Other than that my real life heroes were military, like the early SAS (Special Air Service) and the Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) – particularly the founder of the LRDG, Ralph Bagnold. All that changed a bit when I got into music and playing guitar… but I never lost that foundation.

What got you into music?

I was about twelve and it was hearing “Schools Out” by Alice Cooper. From there I was rabid to learn guitar. So I built my own out of old bits of wood, with nails for frets. Clearly I was tone deaf! I then built speaker cabinets out of old drawers and built a valve amp. It must have been a horrendous noise as my dad used to turn off the electric!

But I stuck with the guitar and eventually made it sound reasonable. Later I got in with some older kids who had a band and they taught me a lot… and actually were very kind, literally giving me a Gibson Les Paul and a copy Fender Precision bass. They must’ve taken pity on me! I really wasn’t very good at that time. But I improved and even taught myself music theory, literally anything to get accomplished on guitar.

We used to rehearse in the village and got so many complaints about the noise that the local policeman chased us down the road, but didn’t catch us! It’s a wonder I didn’t get arrested as whenever that cop pulled me up to give me a dressing down, I’d say, “What’d you want?”

And then you went professional?

Yes, as time went on I got to the point where I could play most styles, from rock and blues, to country, rock & roll, reggae and funk. So by the time I’d left school at sixteen I was starting to play in bands that were making a bit of money. Eventually, I started writing original music and through the 80s was playing London clubs and pubs. One band that got fairly prominent was Wildcat Bones. It had too incarnations, one sort of Keef Richards meets the Talking Heads, then one more like the Sisters of Mercy… after that I went more a mix of electronic and rock, elements of dance and chill and acid house. I’d always been programming drum machines – for some reason everybody has trouble with drummers! So robots don’t come amiss!

In those days, on the London music scene, there was a lot of competition. People would sabotage other bands’ amps so they blew up, or put nails in the speaker cabs. That’s egos for you! Not that I was immune! There was a bass player in another band and we couldn’t abide each other; it got very close to a serious punch up on occasion. One time I thought he was going to lay into me. So I went right up to him and kissed him on the lips in front of everybody – that completely took him out! Haha. But a good pal of mine went further when some other musician was hurling jibes at him – he charged at him, pulled his pants down, and bit his manhood… nobody forgot that one… and nobody dared mess with my pal either after that!

Plus I recall that many name bands, like David Bowie, used to provide instruments for the struggling bands… no this wasn’t being charitable – one of the roadies we had, who worked with a few other bands too, used to go backstage with leads around his shoulders and pinch gear! One drummer had a whole kit courtesy of various major bands.

We were utter barbarians, worthy of Attila the Hun.

So how did you transition from music to writing and journalism?

Well, I’d done quite well in music, but I hadn’t come to major prominence. And I’d been reading Hunter S. Thompson a lot. He’d got books out and had long been a journalist. So I thought that sounds like a career model. It didn’t occur to me that you weren’t supposed to take loads of drugs and run riot as a journalist. I just presumed that was the job description. I probably wasn’t over bright! Haha.

So I bought a book on grammar as I was atrocious. And I rewrote it in my own words; thus I knew what a semicolon was for. I also bought a copy of the Economist Magazine’s style guide, which is the best around in my view. I then contacted a top magazine with ideas and got rejected. But the second one I contacted commissioned me… which was very, very lucky. It went from there. I was writing for London listings magazines like City Limits and Midweek, along with a paranormal part work from Marshall Cavendish called The X Factor… not to mention a friend of mine, Ian Henshall’s magazine called Outlook… he went on to write 9/11 Revealed. Eventually I got in The Independent, Daily and Sunday Telegraph, Financial Times, Daily and Sunday Express, and lots more.

How did you get your first book deal?

That was down to one of the editors on The X Factor Magazine – Felix Lejac. A very good chap. He’d been keen to have me as a freelance regular on The X Factor and said, “It’s time you had a book out.” So he went to the packagers Eddison Sadd, who he worked with too, and pushed them into considering my ideas. They were great and went for one idea, my Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook, and that took off big time… mostly as St Martin’s Press took it up in the US.

I then got a literary agent, Andrew Lownie in London, and he got me really good deals with Random House, Orion Books, John Blake, and others for my investigative books Blood Rites (also called Human Sacrifice) and Cannibals. Andrew is great at pulling big advances. Problem with that is you’ve got the money, then you’ve got to write the damn book! And that’s not so easy when you’re busy writing articles for newspapers and magazines. It’s a juggling act.

Tell us about your “gonzo” style of writing…

Again, I was pretty lucky as I tend to write books my way, where I’m in the story personally, part of the action – much like Hunter Thompson did, and Tom Wolfe and others. I used to do that with magazines too. It makes it more fun, but also brings a greater truth to what you’re looking in your investigative reporting. But it also makes it a bit cranked up. Like when I went to Scotland Yard to interview the head of homicide and one of the lead detectives. I’d forgotten I’d got a fairly big locking knife in my pocket – one that’s illegal in Britain… off went the alarms and loads of cops surrounded me. I thought I was going to be locked up. But the head of homicide sorted the situation out. But they took the damn knife off me! That was a nice knife too.

Outlaw journalist

But those top cops at Scotland Yard were great. I had great respect for them. I was talking to them about the “Adam Case” where a young black child had apparently been sacrificed in 2001 by some Juju cult or other from Africa and involved with human trafficking. It was a very sad and terrible case. The police were trying to get to the truth of it, and so was I. Unfortunately the case has never been solved to this day.

What plans do you have for the future and new books?

No idea. The world has run out of control with the pandemic and Ukraine. What do you do after that? The world is not what it was. Most people are hoping for the best, like it will all go back to “normal”, whatever that was. They’re really burying their heads in the sand, hoping that the powers-that-be will look after them and mostly treat them okay-ish… not realizing they’d throw you in a pot and boil you if they thought you were good nutrition. These people came out of the woodwork with the alleged pandemic… and so we can’t predict the future. All of that might have been born of pure chaos, the result of internet technology coming to the fore, which means the vast majority on the planet have a voice and can organize. It doesn’t have to be conspiracy; more a great transition, one even greater than the advent of the printing press.

The point is, all writers, musicians, and any other artists or commentators are obliged to address these huge changes in the world… if you don’t, you’re almost the equivalent of a Luddite, where they resisted the rise of industrial technology. In fact, even with conspiracists, I think we’re seeing elements of neo-ludditism. Admittedly change might not prove good… there might well be blood on the streets… but you have to address what’s going on and try and make sense of it. It can’t be stopped; never has technology been prevented, whether you’re going back to the discovery of fire or the wheel.

We could well destroy ourselves, go the way of the dinosaurs. But there’s no way tech and progress can be halted in its tracks. The real problem, I think, is collective madness. Humans aren’t ready for the enormous changes that are coming… and that includes governments and the mega wealthy “powers-that-be”. They aren’t ready because of belief… we’ve pretty much lost religion in the West in particular, but not our religiosity. So you see conspiracists saying that satanic elites run the world and want to cull us or sacrifice us… and then you get power brokers like the World Economic Forum who have made a religion out of technology and apparent scientific thinking.

Jimmy Lee Shreeve

One of the most unique and talented individuals I’ve ever met. There are many layers to Jimmy. Charismatic, rebellious, fun, witty, smooth talking, charming man. Honestly you could spend a lifetime and probably wouldn’t have touched all of them. He never ceases to amaze me.

Dark Angel aka Sherron Sinclair

Did you know Jimmy Lee is a very talented artist?

His art truly shows his unique personality and talent. Along with out-of-the-box thinking.

Danny Langdon from NY

I spoke with Danny few years back when he bought one of Jimmy’s pieces. He truly loves Jimmy art and seemed like a giddy child at Christmas. 

Danny went on to say that he owns a small, but profitable, upscale lounge and Jimmy’s art is the perfect addition to his establishment.

“Jimmy’s style compliments the ambiance of my bar,” said Danny. “His funky, retro, abstract, modern art, speaks as though it has its own personality and presence.”

Let’s continue our journey into the many Layers of Jimmy Lee Shreeve, AKA John Edward Shreeve and Doktor Snake…

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Jimmy’s Rock Star Days

Let’s dive a little further into multiple personas of JLS…. Let’s take peek behind the scenes. Shall we?

Music By Jimmy (aka Dok)

Just like anything else Mr. Shreeve does, there are many layers and subtleties…

Jimmy Lee Shreeve AKA Doktor Snake of the Black Metal Messiahs

His music swings from rock, blues, techno, black metal, some just quirky, off-the-wall type music, but I wouldn’t expect anything else from Jimmy.

Jimmy’s voice has a familiar ring to it, took me a moment to realize… oh, sounds like Andrew Eldritch of the Sister’s of Mercy!

Some tracks have a funky back beat like a mix of Talking Heads, and dare I say it, yes… “Keef” Richards of the Rolling Stones.

His Black Metal Messiahs were an all out, thundering, onslaught of black metal with no mercy on any level.

Jimmy’s styles of music are as diverse as he is…


Black Metal Messiahs

Satan Is God – Black Metal Messiahs (2015)
Welfare Slave – Black Metal Messiahs (2015)
Satan Don’t Love You – Black Metal Messiahs (2015)
Holy Daggerz – Black Metal Messiahs (2015)

Wildcat Bones

Jesus Crucified On The Guitar – Wildcat Bones (1992)
Way Down West – Wildcat Bones (1992)
Solitary Confinement – Wildcat Bones (1992)
Robot Child – Wildcat Bones (1992)
Poor Man – Wildcat Bones (1992)
Monkey Club – Wildcat Bones (1992)
The Man With The Jet – Wildcat Bones (1992)

Doktor Snake & The Voodoo Machine

Voodoo Machine
Voodoo King – Doktor Snake & The Voodoo Machine (2013)
Voodoo Lesbian OG – Doktor Snake & The Voodoo Machine (2013
Amazon Drone – Doktor Snake & The Voodoo Machine (2013)

Justified Killer Assassins (JKA)

Justin Bieber Is And Apeman – JKA
Shake ‘Em On Down – JKA
Who Do You Do? – JKA
Voodoo Doctors – JKA
Motherfucking Christians – JKA
Goa Goa Trance – JKA
King Canute: Hold Back The Waves – JKA
Fallen Cities – JKA
Who Do You Do? (Killing Floor Mix) – JKA
Spirit Bottle – JKA
Voodoo Viagra – JKA
Voodoo Viagra (Ice Mix) – JKA


» Amazon Author Page (US)
» Amazon Author Page (UK)

Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook (New Edition 2018)

Spells, curses and dark magic for all your needs

By Doktor Snake (SnakeStone Press, 2018)

Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook: Spells, curses and dark magic for all your needs. Return a lost lover! Bring love and sex into your life! Curse your enemies! Gain fame and fortune! Attract gambling luck! Remove hexes! Avert the evil eye! Make a pact with the Devil!

Described as “baddass voodoo on crack,” Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook reveals how his brand of results magic is shrouded in mystery and sometimes fear. Here, Doktor Snake takes you on a wild ride through the shadowy world of the hoodoo conjure worker.

Voodoo is not a path for the fainthearted. It does not pussyfoot around, or shy away from human emotion. It gets the job done.

In his Voodoo Spellbook, Doktor Snake shows us how to fulfill our desires and wishes, dish out vengeance and gain personal power. With Doktor Snake’s unique spells and rituals, you will be able to gain love and sex, money and power, gambling luck, health and well-being, and harness the numinous powers of the darkside.

Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook is a gripping personal account. He relates many anecdotes from his own progress to voodoo attainment. From deals made with the Devil and discovering mysterious grimoires, to demon bikers on the etheric plane and voodoo wars with sinister shamans.

Some tales will send a chill through you, while others are simply outrageous.

“Everyone should read this voodoo spellbook and open up their mind.”
A 12-year old reader from Indiana, USA.

“Read this book, if it’s the only book you ever read, and feel the other worlds which hover in the words. Doktor Snake is a true mystic and – if you dare – his vision will lead you into places you never dreamed of.”
Reader from Uruguay.

“i absolutely adore Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook!!! It is a bit non-traditional, and may even seem fantasy based. But it is very inspiring, and i will say from personal experience that some of the spell work in this book has worked for ’me’. It is simple to understand, enchanting, and keeps you on the edge of your seat. i read it straight thru…”
Reader from Austin, Texas.

“I just love the stories. There are a few good spells for money luck. That’s what I was interested in myself. I love the section on playing cards also. I love the stories about selling your soul to the devil to play guitar. Super book! Very neat. I totally recommend. I am buying one for all my soul sisters for X-mas. Dr. Snake write another book!!!!!”
Reader from Las Vegas.

“I bought Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook a few weeks ago as a sceptic. But after reading it through I had a dream to go to the casino. I went the next day and won $200.00. Boy was I happy.”
Reader from Toronto, Canada.

“Well I liked it. And I am an old Mage… I think it is an important piece of Voodoo culture… Doctor Snake marvelously disguised this book so that children and young sojourners would be only able to pluck from this delightful Tome. However those that are better versed in the old Traditions will garner many more nuances from this synchretic Voodoo and realize that some of the so-called simple aspects of Ritualism are incredibly important to be able to gain the understanding of the many Mysteries and secret understandings within this seemingly entertaining book. This book has many basic foundations that are the building blocks for any Ritual in the Cosmos, from here you can go anywhere…”
Reader from the USA.

Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook (Original Edition 2000)

Spells, curses and folk magic for all your needs…

By Doktor Snake (St Martin’s Press, 2000).

Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook brought voodoo to the masses. It was first published over twenty years ago. Within months of hitting the streets, the book became a cult bestseller.

Back then there was nothing out there that clearly set out voodoo and hoodoo in an accessible and usable way. All you had was dodgy pamphlets, which were poorly produced and which had been endlessly reprinted from the 1930s or academic book. But none told you how to do voodoo.

The Voodoo Spellbook was hip, sassy, and rock and roll. Doktor Snake is rightly proud of the interest in voodoo and hoodoo it generated.

Richly illustrated, Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook was published by St Martin’s Press in the U.S. and by Connections in the UK.

Human Sacrifice (Blood Rites) By Jimmy Lee Shreeve

The shocking expose of ritual human sacrifice -practiced today, and terrifyingly close to home. Arrow Books.

  • LIMA, PERU, 2004 – the body of a decapitated baby boy is found on a hilltop, surrounded by flowers, a liquor bottle and a container of blood, apparently the victim of a ritual sacrifice to appease a pre-Columbian earth god.
  • NEW JERSEY, USA, 2002 – a Palo Mayombe sect temple basement is raided by police, who find human body parts and the remains of several animals seemingly sacrificed by worshippers.
  • LONDON, ENGLAND, 2001 – the dismembered torso of a five-year-old boy is found floating in the Thames, the victim of a Ju Ju ritual sacrifice…

Around the world, humans are being trafficked, kidnapped, sold and enslaved, for the specific purpose of sacrifice. Mass-scale migration has seen these gruesome techniques exported from the land of the Aztecs – and finding their way into Britain and the US. Voodoo priests in London have been linked with ritual murders. And a recent leaked police commissioned report found that witchcraft, voodoo-related abuse and murder, are rife in the UK.

Jimmy Lee Shreeve takes us on a journey into the darkest corners of the world, following the initial investigations of Scotland Yard into the Thames murder, travelling to South Africa and then Nigeria, where the full horror of a wide “export trade” in humans to Britain for sacrifice is unveiled.

In the US, Palo Mayombe, a Cuban religious cult, is linked with a score of sacrifices and murders. In Mexico, a devotee of Palo Mayombe, Adolof de Jesus Constanzo, was responsible for torturing and boiling in a cauldron more than a dozen victims.

Across South America, sacrifices are commonplace. Most are done on behalf of drug barons and millionaires, who want to atone for their sins by offering the Gods a “gift”. And across Asia, similar stories are found. In Africa, and Britain, HIV positive African males sacrifice young boys to “cleanse” themselves of the disease. Along the way, Jimmy will bring his own brand of detective skills to the fore.

Besides throwing up fresh research into the “Adam” killing and providing startling conclusions to some of the world’s most horrific murders, Jimmy will, variously, escape near arrest at Scotland Yard’s HQ, perform a ritual ceremony with a Native American shaman on Hampstead Heath, and swap whiskey and guitar blues with a voodoo practitioner.

Written in Jimmy’s unique, free-form, post-gonzo style, this is an investigative work with a trippy twist. By turns gruesome, disturbing and intriguing, “Blood Rites” reveals the true, untold story of a violent tradition taking place terrifyingly close to home.

Buy at Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk

“The deeds [Shreeve] writes about are not relics of some antique age of superstition and irrationality…These are the ghosts that walk our won streets, in broad daylight, propelled by a hunger they can never completely satisfy.” ~Peter Levenda, author, Sinister Forces

“Human Sacrifice is an electrifying read detailing the history of mankind’s darkest spiritual obsessions. The author takes us deep inside a secret world to reveal bloodthirsty cults, top secret police investigations, and political intrigue […] A real page turner…but sleep with your light on.” ~Jonathan Tapsell, author of Porn Again Christian

“This is a great book. I was surprised how much I enjoyed reading it as given the subject matter I wasn’t expecting to. The book deals with some truly gruesome crimes and the descriptions of some of these are very graphic! What makes the book different and interesting for me is that Jimmy Lee Shreeve has a background in Voodoo and, while not excusing or condoning any of the atrocities, he is able to offer a good deal of insight into what the perpetrators of these acts expect to get from them and why they believe they work. This is very different to anything I had read before and this sounds strange as it deals with murder and human sacrifice – it is gripping and very easy to read. This is my first Jimmy Lee Shreeve book but it won’t be my last. I recommend this book to adults everywhere.” ~Reader from the UK.

“Compelling reading – but you need a strong stomach…”

“This book contains the stuff of nightmares and certainly requires a strong stomach. I read this book with a mixture of enjoyment and revulsion. Most of the cases of human sacrifice are described very graphically and there are some grim pictures, so the parental warning is definately justified. Jimmy Lee Shreeve covers cases from around the world including here in the UK. In some instances the sacrifices are done out of shear bloody desperation as in some of the killings to the Hindu goddess Kali. Other killings are done out of greed i.e the gangsters and drug dealers who want protection from the law and believe a human sacrifice will give them protection from the gods. And some killings are the result of pure madness as in the German Satanists who hacked to death a good friend to appease their chosen god – then refused to take any blame for it. Shreeve comes up with some interesting thoughts on why people commit such atrocities and also provides some relief from the blood and gore with colorful anecdotes of his own. This is a compelling and horrifying book and not easy to put down once you start to read. I thoroughly recommend it.” ~Reader from the UK.

Cannibals By Jimmy Lee Shreeve

Cannibals – true crime – human flesh eaters – real life stories of the horrifying killers who eat their own kind. (John Blake 2008).

The eating of human flesh by a fellow human is utterly repulsive and abhorrent to most of us. Yet the practice of cannibalism was widespread all over the world in prehistoric times.

Chillingly, there are some among us who still do it today. And these cannibals’ depraved thirst for human flesh is so strong they resort to slaughtering others to satisfy it.

In 2004, police called at the East London flat of Brian Cherry. On entering they were confronted with a horrifying sight. His brains were simmering on the stove, and his body lay dismembered on the floor in a pool of blood.

Cherry’s friend Peter Bryan had killed him and eaten his brains with butter because the local Kentucky Fried Chicken was closed at the time. “It was definitely finger licking good,” said Bryan laughing.

In Germany, in 2001, there was the case of cannibal Armin Meiwes, who advertised on websites for “young, well-built men aged 18-30 to slaughter.” Amazingly, he got a taker: one Bernd-Jurgen Brandes.

Meiwes told investigators that he took Brandes back to his home, where his new friend agreed to have his penis cut off. Meiwes flambeed the organ for the pair of them. Meiwes said he then killed Brandes with his consent and went on to eat 44 pounds of his flesh.

Cannibals covers many grotesque and stomach-churning cases of contemporary cannibalism, revealing outwardly normal people who have murdered and eaten their own kind.

EXCLUSIVE!!! Cannibals also contains exclusive, never-before-revealed interview footage with a real life cannibal called Eric Soames (who got his human flesh from mortuaries), and his subsequent exorcism by an old friend of Jimmy Lee’s – Canadian shaman Elias Crazywolf.

The terrifying truth is: Cannibals aren’t just found in far-flung islands, they inhabit our cities and suburbs today.

Buy Amazon.co.uk

“A new true crime book called Cannibals by Jimmy Lee Shreeve exposes the extent of cannibalism on the Internet. Human flesh eaters are apparently eyeing people up on social networking sites like MySpace with a view to devouring them. Eric Soames, a self-professed cannibal told Shreeve of cannibal groups circulating on the internet, looking for potential victims.

Soames said he didn’t want to murder anyone, so he found ways of getting human flesh from mortuaries and even cemeteries. He’d take a sharp knife, cut bits off, and take them home and fry them up in a pan. According to Shreeve, some cannibals have no problem taking peoples lives so they can eat their fresh.” ~InebriatedPress

Hash Brownies, Hot Pot, Marijuana Munchies By Dr. Hash

30 delectable ways with weed – cooking with marijuana and cannabis. (Cico Books, 2010).

Let’s face it, you can’t get away from the fact that smoking – anything – isn’t good for you. The good news is, you don’t have to give up the joys of dope. You simply have to learn to cook – to whip up some hash brownies.

If you’re a dab hand with savories, pastries, cakes or desserts, you’ll be laughing.

But even if you’re not, many of the recipes in this book, such as hash brownies, are no more difficult than making a cup of coffee. In no time, you’ll be the ‘Nigella Lawson’ of counter culture – the difference being, unlike Nigella’s, your dishes will give you and your dinner guests one hell of a buzz! And you can guarantee they’ll be coming back for more…

Written by Dr Hash – the streetwise ‘medicine man’ – Hash Brownies reveals the secrets of his aunt, Mary Jane. After trying her ‘cakes of light’, she initiated him into the art of cannabis cuisine.

First, learn to turn the cannabis into a butter – and then you can use it in almost anything! From delicious main meals, such as spaghetti bolognese, to stratospheric snacks like hash brownies, fudge and biscuits, you’ll soon be able to cook up a storm.

From the inside jacket

Let’s get stoned! Whether you go for an after-work treat to take the edge off the day or want your party to pack a punch, these tasty little recipes will help get you there, the natural way.

We begin with the story of Mary Jane Belmont and her protégé, Dr Hash, then get right to The Basics – knowing your weed. Check out what you have and how to treat it right for maximum effect, then move onto Cool Beginnings… and cannabis canapés.

Sweet and Small Treats gives you the recipe for Mary Jane’s very famous hash brownies and fudge, or try out her cupcakes (but don’t donate any to the bake sale).

If you’re really hungry, Big Stuff, like pizza and tacos, will do the trick. The Refreshments chapter offers drinks like hash coffee and cocktails to kick-start the evening or bring you gently down. Depending how much hash you put in, of course.

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How To Be Famous – Ultimate Guide To Stardom By Jimmy Lee Shreeve

How to be famous – the ultimate guide to becoming a star and hitting the big time. (Orion Books 2009).

You can be a famous star and How To Be Famous shows you how! Turn dream into reality with this definitive, one-stop guidebook!

Have you ever dreamed of singing to millions? Or perhaps acting on screen with Brad Pitt? In this book we show you how to make your dreams a reality!

Becoming a star is not rocket science. Nor is it out of your reach. What it demands is self-belief, self-confidence and self-determination. But don’t worry – if you don’t have these traits they can be learned – and we show you how!

In HOW TO BE FAMOUS we give you examples of how various stars became famous, detailing the steps they took to bring themselves to public and professional notice. These case studies will act as invaluable blueprints and as inspiration in your rise to fame.

See how Leona Lewis, Billie Piper and Zac Efron all did it, and learn from them! With the right steps and the right moves your name could be lighting up the screens before you know it!!!

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  • Audra (15): “Easy to read with really useful tips and advice”.
  • Imogen (11): “Great quizzes and very inspiring, it shows you can achieve your dreams if you really want to.”
  • Pips (14): “Love the fashion chapter because it explains why fashion is important, but not from a superficial point of view.”
  • T.J (9): “It’s very encouraging and helps you believe that you can do it.”
  • Kyra (13): “It’s very inspiring…like a mentor in a book. It gives me hope and encourages me to reach the stars!”

Bewitched (Doktor Snake Book 1) By J.L. Shreeve

She stole her man. It’s time to get him back. (SnakeStone, 12 Feb. 2019)

In this gripping paranormal romance novel, store supervisor Jane has her man stolen from her by a spoilt, posh girl into dark witchcraft and spells. With the assistance of a voodoo witchdoctor, she decides it’s time to get him back.

Dark spells and a love betrayed due to an evil witch’s enchantment…

Jane had the perfect man until “the bitch” wrenched him away. Is James just having an affair? Or has her lover fallen victim to dark witchcraft? And is some, even more terrible, supernatural enchantment at play?

Aided by a mysterious Voodoo Witchdoctor, Jane sets out to get her lover back and save his very soul.

While it’s in the paranormal romance genre, it also features real life voodoo man Doktor Snake, who steps in to help Jane lift the terrible black magic spell that’s been laid on James.

Will he succeed? Will Jane get her man back? Or is it too late?

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Excerpt from Bewitched, dark paranormal romance.

Not far away was another parked vehicle. “James’ car,” said Jane, a concerned ring to her voice. “He’s beaten us to it. I hope we’re not too late.”

“Come on,” said Doc, jumping out of the car. “We’d better move it.”

The two ran along the footpath towards Burn Hill, slowing to a walk as they grew closer to avoid tripping on the rough ground now that darkness had fully set in.

Not far away came the flapping of wings. A black bird flew out of a nearby tree heading in the direction of Burn Hill. The pesky crow, thought Doc, increasing his pace, certain it meant Driscilla wouldn’t be far behind. With luck they’d make it to James before he broke the witch bottle and have time to set his soul free before she turned up. He didn’t mention it to Jane, but he wasn’t exactly confident given Driscilla’s evident abilities with witchcraft. But they had to try.

Five minutes later Doc and Jane reached the circle of trees at the top of Burn Hill. At first they couldn’t see anyone, then Jane spotted James kneeling down by the roots of one of the trees, digging frantically with his bare hands. “James!” she shouted. “Leave the bottle where it is.” But it was too late he’d dug it up. Placing the witch bottle on the ground, he picked up a large stone, muttering, “Have to destroy the bottle, my soul, my soul… I need to feel myself again.”

Doc and Jane dashed over in a bid to stop him. Jane grabbed his arm which held the stone, and pulled him to her, embracing him, tears streaming down her face. “Don’t break the bottle,” she said quietly trying to calm him down.

“Best give the bottle to me, James,” said Dr. Snake. “I can return your soul and put things right. I’ll have to use sorcery to do it, though. You’ve probably seen enough of that to last a lifetime. But it’s the only way I’m afraid.”

Clearly dazed, James looked to Jane. “He can be trusted,” she said…

The Unthinking Barbarians’ Nine Rules For Life By Doktor Snake

The Unthinking Barbarians’ Nine Rules For Life lays down a code of ethics to live by – one that doesn’t pull any punches. (SnakeStone Press)

Become an unthinking barbarian. Live by your own rules and shape your own destiny.

Drawn from experience, the Vikings, bikers, and the Code of the West, these nine rules for life show you how to uphold powerful old school virtues that have been lost in the current Age of Lies.

  • COURAGE: standing up for yourself, your group, and your convictions.
  • TRUTH: speak it, live it, fight for it. Honesty with yourself and others.
  • HONOR: keep promises, be punctual, stick to your word.
  • FIDELITY: keep faith with your friends, family, and code of ethics.
  • DISCIPLINE: will power, physical strength, shutting your mouth when you’ve nothing to say.
  • HOSPITALITY: helping people out, being chivalrous and sociable.
  • INDUSTRIOUSNESS: Keeping busy, striving for excellence, getting things done.
  • SELF-RELIANCE: independence, thinking for yourself, ability to fix stuff.
  • PERSEVERANCE: Never giving up, determination in the face of danger, trusting to your luck.

The fight is on! The barbarians are returning with a vengeance…

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From: Doktor Snake

What is an unthinking barbarian?
My book, The Unthinking Barbarians’ Nine Rules For Life, lays down a code of ethics for living. But what do I mean by “Unthinking Barbarian”?

An Unthinking Barbarian is somebody who lives by their own rules and strives to shape their own destiny. To be able to do that, you need to develop the capability of “not thinking.” That is, you think in words (self-talk) when it’s useful and productive to do so. And stop thinking when it’s not.

That’s the way of the Unthinking Barbarian.

By doing this, you aren’t blown hither and thither by random-generated thoughts that take you nowhere. But you are more than capable of going somewhere, because you’ve got the mental tools and discipline to do so.

OK, that’s the “unthinking part”, but why “barbarian”?

The “barbarian” aspect of Unthinking Barbarian is because most people today are weak-willed, castrated sheep who follow the herd. They have no code of ethics. They aren’t about anything. You can’t rely on them.

People today are mostly a sad reflection of what once was. By that I mean the Vikings and Saxons, the cowboys and gunslingers of the Old West, MongolsHuns, and pirates. And in more modern times, one-percenter motorcycle clubs and hardcore Odinist heathens.

In short, barbarians. Yes, okay, it’s a derogatory term. But they were (and are) all people with a code of ethics. Most importantly, they’re about something. They know who they are.

If you treat them with respect, they’ll treat you well too. If you don’t, woe betide you. That’s how it should be. Fuck with me, and I’ll seriously fuck with you…

In this age of lies, and all the political correctness crap, the fight is on…

The barbarians – or more precisely, the Unthinking Barbarians – are returning with a vengeance. They’re riding their powerful, long-maned steeds over the hills and dales and making their homesteads in rural areas or on the outskirts of towns.

Unless there’s no other choice, the Unthinking Barbarian won’t enter the central areas of towns and cities because urban conurbations are the strongholds of the oppressors – the authoritarian autocrats and their lifeless and compliant zombie minions (i.e. snowflakes).

So seek out the rolling countryside, listen to nature’s song, quiet your mind, and hear the runic whispers that speak of a new day dawning. The great tree will shake. The oppressors hoards will rise, but we will be ready to retake our world. In a divine frenzy, we shall heal the blight that has overtaken our lands.

In the name of the old gods, rise up! The Unthinking Barbarians are coming…

The Barbarian Creed
In the current age of lies, you need to have a code of ethics and stand for something. In short you need to be a barbarian and live by your own rules.

Barbarian is no derogatory term. It harks back to the vikings and Saxons, the cowboys and gunslingers of the old west. To Mongols and huns, and to pirates. In modern times you’re talking motorcycle clubs and hardcore odinist heathens.

All had – and have – a code of honour that they live by. They are about something. They know who they are. And if you treat them with respect, they’ll do likewise. If you don’t, woe betide you.

But a code for living needs laying down. What follows is a skeletal blueprint of such a code, drawn from experience, the Vikings, modern day Odinists, the Code of the West, and bikers. It extols traditional values like honour, fidelity, loyalty and courage.

The Barbarians’ Creed

1. Live according to your own rules and strive to forge your own destiny.
2. Learn to “not think.” Only think in words when it’s useful; stop thinking when it’s not.
3. Be about something. Know who you are and what you stand for.
4. Be strong and fight the good fight for freedom.
5. Do what is just and good. And adhere to your personal code of honour.
6. Stand firm by your close friends and family.
7. Be true to your core values. Don’t let the ever-present authoritarian brainwashing get to you.
8. Live a natural life. Seek out the countryside, quiet your mind, and hear the runic whispers.
9. Uphold the nine virtues of courage, truth, honor, fidelity, discipline, hospitality, industriousness, self-reliance, and perseverance.

I expand on this code in my book The Unthinking Barbarians’ Nine Rules For Life (SnakeStone Press). It lays down the tenets of courage, truth, honor, fidelity, discipline, hospitality, industriousness, self-reliance and perseverance.

Get Money By Doktor Snake

Get cash now…

In this hardcore self-help book, legendary occult author and business tycoon Doktor Snake gives you the critical keys to rake in tons of money. He shows you how to harness the power of the deep self (subconscious) to attract cash and generate money-making ideas.

Plus he lays down exactly how to gain focus, determination and will power – the three mental disciplines required in the hunt for filthy lucre.

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WARNING: Doc pulls no punches…

  • He’ll drag you kicking and screaming out of your comfort zone.
  • He’ll advise you to drop your loser friends (even romantic partners) if they’re holding you back.
  • He’ll even tell you to affirm that YOU are God and not some “mystery spook” in the sky (when you’re God you can achieve anything).

All this to get YOU on the path to riches and wealth!

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From Get Money

I Am God
What the hell is this?! You exclaim. Am I some kind of guru trying to suck you into a weird cult? No I’m not. But if I thought I could suck you into some mantra-muttering cult, and you were willing to tithe ten percent of your income to me, then believe me, I would – and mint out.

And so should you. If you can dream up a religion – be it science fiction style like good old L. Ron Hubbard and his Scientology or pushing some dumb mantra like TM – do it and get others to do the work while you sail your yacht around the world.

But no. What I’m saying is that not only am I God, but you are too. In a sense it’s a trick of the mind. If you are God, then you create your own reality. I had a dog-tag made that says, “I God. U God.” It reminds me that I am master of my fate, and more importantly, captain of my mental ship.

Being God doesn’t mean you can avoid the ups and downs of life, or undesirable turns of destiny. But if you are still in the land of the living, it means you can find ways to deal with hardships or downturns, and prosper.

If you are God the Creator, then you are in control of your life. And the key control system is your mind. In fact that’s the one thing in this world that you do have control of. Nobody (yet) can hack into your brain and control your thought patterns or the pictures and movies that flow through your mind.

God is what nobody admits to being and everybody is.”
Alan Watts (1915-1973), British philosopher and writer

So this is our big freedom. But most people don’t harness the power of their minds. They don’t learn mind control. If they did, everybody would not only be rich, but they’d be happy and content too.

As it is, they are buffeted around by external events and circumstances. They let things happen to them instead of securing happenstance on a leash and leading it where you want to go. It’s very much like the old saying of the tail wagging the dog.

If you’re God, you’re at the helm. Nothing will stand in your way. And if it does, you’ll figure out a way round it.

I recognize that you might feel uncomfortable at the thought of deciding that you are God. Perhaps you are religious. If so, simply see it that you being God means that this is the part of your that is connected to the Creator, be it the Christian God or the Muslim God. Or see it as your personal connection to Jesus. Or the Buddha. Or whatever you are into.

Make up your own religion. I don’t care.

Bottom line is: this is about results, and doing whatever works. In the end – if you look into quantum physics – nothing is real. That gives us carte blanche to make it all up. And in truth, that is exactly what you need to do to make money and gain wealth.

You become the Creator. And see everything that happens to you in life as little more than a dream. That way, you start to believe that anything is possible.

In fact, my advice is this: Adopt a healthy disregard for the impossible!

By accepting that you are God, you will take on board the notion that all the ideas you dream up can be manifested on the earthly plane. In a sense, your ideas become “power objects” that could just change your life and put real cash in your pocket.

Convinced? Good. But let’s be clear. It’s all well and good going along with the idea that you’re God. But it’s just a concept – thinking in words. The plan is to get this empowering concept embedded in your subconscious mind, which is the powerhouse within. In fact, your subconscious will be more than happy with the idea because it is the “God” I’m talking about. It is the part of you that not only brings you ideas and inspiration, it also gets things done.

There is a world within – a world of thought, feeling, and power; of light and beauty, and although invisible, its forces are mighty.”
Charles F. Haanel (1886-1949), American businessman and author

What we’re really doing is trying to convince your conscious mind that you are God. Your subconscious mind already knows.

So what I recommend you do is say to yourself on a daily basis that you are God. When you wake up in the morning say out loud or internally that “I Am God.” Do the same on and off throughout the day.

You can also do what I did and get yourself a dog-tag made that says “I Am God.” Or get someone to engrave a signet ring with this empowering slogan.

The more your conscious mind embraces the idea that you are divine, the more your subconscious will respond. You’ll get far more flashes of inspiration. They can come to you at anytime, so it’s wise to keep a notebook on you at all times – and keep one by your bed as it’s very common to wake in the night with “Eureka” ideas.

But there’s one proviso. It’s no good getting lots of money-making ideas from your subconscious if you don’t act on them. Sure, you’ll dismiss some of them after thinking about them in the cold light of day. But you have to move on the good ones – and fast. This will encourage your subconscious (which we’ll call the “God Within”) to keep it up and bring even more flashes of inspiration. If you don’t act your subconscious will be discouraged, and you’ll be back at square one, with your life unchanged.

In many ways, it’s a crazy way to operate. But then again, if you look at the average wage stiff they’re pretty humdrum and lacking in verve. Which is exactly why they spend eight hours a day working, along with a two hour or more commute, to line somebody else’s pockets. All in the interests of a job they hate! That’s got to be crazier than somebody adopting the mantra “I Am God”!

Truth is, I don’t fucking care about being mad, so long as it makes me money and I don’t get sectioned. That said, it’s not just about making money, having the maxim “I Am God” also makes life more fun. It’s brings an empowering new perspective on all aspects of living.