Navigating The Great Reset With Post Truth Magick & Mind Power Tactics…

Doktor Snake, ft. Dark Angel

“Nothing is true, everything is possible.”

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A contact of mine in MI5 turned to me in The Plough pub in London and said the following:

“The real magick today is in politics”.

The Plough was the pub frequented by Aleister Crowley many years ago.

It’s opposite The Atlantis Bookshop, where Crowley and Gerald Gardner used to go. So it was an appropriate place to hear that comment.

My friend was deadly serious too.

Even Chaos Magick has been hijacked and re-imagined by Alexander Dugin, the Russian philosopher known as “Putin’s Brain.”

In fact, it was Russia that brought magick into postmodern times and subverted the whole idea of the occult. Modern Russia was shaped by this in the 2000s. And the West is only just catching up.

The masses are sheep to the slaughter, whatever way you look at it.

But even those into magick and the occult are way behind the game.

This is where our membership site comes in…

It shows you how to manipulate reality according to your will using the “post truth” tactics employed by governments and their controllers.

Much of this has roots in the 1920s when politics wised up to how you control world populations according to its dictates. Even then occultists were way behind, and were easily manipulated.

Above all else, if you don’t get onto this post truth magick during this Fourth Industrial Revolution, you’ll be herded into smart cities and “vaccinated” every month… you’ll be prey to the propaganda…

we’ll be covering…

  • How to use language patterns to change your and other people’s reality.
  • How to create subversive images (symbols) that bypass the conscious mind and embed in the subconscious.
  • How to protect yourself against the continual propaganda onslaught from the “controllers” of the Great Reset.
  • How to survive in the urban environment if there is a managed demolition of economies worldwide.
  • How to hex your enemies and/or institutions with devastating effect.
  • How to keep your assets in crypto currency so you have capacity to operate  (or buy a loaf of bread, when few others can due to hyperinflation).
  • How to communicate securely when the internet is down under the guise of “cyber attack” (more illusions).
  • How to “read” and harness the aesthetic power of your city in terms of psycho-geography, bringing the urban environment to life.
  • How to enter “visionary trance” to cast a magickal glamor and change any given reality to your taste.
  • How to astrally travel to subliminally influence somebody into having a sexual relationship with you 
  • How to use subliminal mind manipulation to thwart your enemies (destroy their world, while they sleep!).
  • How to draw money or crypto to you by spray painting glyphs and sigils on the streets and subways.
  • How to mount a guerrilla war against the Great Reset by fighting fire with fire.
  • How to prosper in the ruins of the Lost Empire when everybody else is in shock at the mass culling that’s going on all around us.
  • How to thrive in the emergent underground economy.
  • How to escape your country if things go completely pear-shaped.
  • And much more…