Eclipse Sorcery: Harness The Hellspawn Power Of The Black Sun – Become A Werewolf & Meet With The Devil (Interview With Dark Angel & Doktor Snake)

DIABOLUS SOCIETY: Today there’s a total solar eclipse. It’s viewable in the South Pacific, Chile, Argentina and the southern Atlantic Ocean, and will be partially seen in nearby regions. Otherwise, you can watch live streams of it on the internet. We wanted to ask Dark Angel and Doktor Snake if it’s possible to use an eclipse like this in magickal workings?

DARK ANGEL: Yes, definitely. An eclipse gives us the energy of an entire cycle of seasons; or the cycle of a day, from twilight, darkness, dawn to light. From the waning light of autumn to the darkness of winter, to the growing light of spring and the brightness of summer. This is a powerful energy to harness to bring about change very quickly. In other words, you have the potential to bring results very fast.

DOKTOR SNAKE: I wholeheartedly agree with that. An eclipse allows you to use incredibly powerful magick – the kind of magick no occultist on this earth can make happen. Think about it. Once the moon begins to cover the sun, it gets a bit chilly, so you need to put on a jacket – possibly a nice hi-tech, breathable jacket. And then when the sun goes totally black, you might need to reach for a flashlight to see what you’re doing…

DARK ANGEL: [Sarcastically] OMG…

DOKTOR SNAKE: You can scoff all you like. But if you took a flashlight and hi-tech outdoor jacket back in time to three hundred years ago, they’d have burned you at the stake. You’d have been seen as a demon or agent of the Devil. To them you’d have had magick on a par with the power of God. Flick on your flashlight and they’d all jump backwards in fear. You’d go, “Hello everybody, I’m the Devil. Now get me some decent brandy, if you would.”

DIABOLUS SOCIETY: What is the magickal significance of a total eclipse?

DARK ANGEL: A solar eclipse is going to have an astrological, energetic and magickal effect. In Alchemy texts, the solar eclipse is expressed as the “Alchemical Wedding” – the sun marrying the moon. Solar eclipses only occur during the moon’s first phase, AKA the new moon. Magickally the new moon period signifies important new beginnings or endings and conjuring energy related to growth. It’s the ideal time for cleansing and purifying yourself or your home. Letting go of what is restricting you and making room for the new. The solar eclipse gives you the power to take full advantage of the new moon period; it is during this stellar event that you can truly morph into a new and improved you.

DOKTOR SNAKE: Well that’s all good stuff, I must say. Although I would have to ask what is wrong with the old you? Everybody wants to be a new you. Seems to me there’s a lot to be said for finding the old you, the one that was there when you were young, a child even, before society got you in its clutches and you were programmed for the sheep pen. So to me the total eclipse is the time of the Black Sun; use it to get back to the old you, find the werewolf inside, for the moon has dominated the sun, pushed it aside, and the wolf can howl and roam the wild wastes. Let it loose!

DIABOLUS SOCIETY: What specific magick might you do at a total eclipse?

DARK ANGEL: You can charge runes. Perhaps go out into the country, find some fallen sticks and carve your runes as the moon moves across the sun. Then at the total eclipse, cut your hand and blood your runes. You can load crystals with power too. Or you can find an unusual stone, then inscribe sigils on it under the dark light of the hidden sun. You could charge wine for later use in spellworkings, cleanse water, sweep your home of negative energy… honestly, just use your imagination.

DOKTOR SNAKE: That all sounds like work to me! Good God! Don’t you hire a cleaner to sweep your home? As to wine, just drink the damn stuff; not that wine is my tipple, can’t stand the stuff actually. It’s much beloved by middle class management types at weekend dinner parties; they all get sozzled on nasty alcoholic squeezed grapes because they can’t stand their lives working in corporate jobs.

So to me, just get the damn job done at the total eclipse. Be done with it and meet the Devil himself! It’s the perfect time. As the moon overtakes the sun, start reciting the Lord’s Prayer backwards. That was the traditional way of summoning Old Nick. Obviously he was rarely impressed and would say, “And what does this lowlife, drippy eye’d sheep want today? Isn’t it time you woke up before you go trying to make deals with the big boys? Don’t you realize I’m probably going to drag you down to hell and eat you for my supper, washing your sorry self down with a good brandy.”

DIABOLUS SOCIETY: Joking aside, are there ways to call on the Devil at an eclipse?

DOKTOR SNAKE: I wasn’t joking. But yes, the best thing is to find a diabolic place during the eclipse. Personally I’d go to somewhere like the Rollright Stones in Oxfordshire, England. Obviously it’s best if nobody is about. You don’t want the hoi poloi interfering when you’re in the middle of a conflab with Brother Satan. But quite bluntly you don’t need a whole lot of nonsense when you’re calling upon the Devil. No need for rituals and all that stuff. An eclipse is really just a time that changes your consciousness; it’s out of the norm and this brings you into a state of peak experience, as the psychologist Maslow put it. You feel different, inspired. So as the moon begins to shroud the sun, go to a place like the Rollright Stones and simply have the intent of meeting Satan.

Have in your mind that everything is meaningful. Even a leaf falling from a tree will be a message or an omen. A bird singing; or the cawing of a crow. Talk with the birds and beasts. Just focus your mind on bringing out your inner Satan; the deepest part of yourself, the aspect that is wild nature. And once you stand under the obsidian light of the Black Sun, you will find yourself in league with the Devil himself. You have to do all this your own way, of course. There are no rules. It’s all about intent. Forget books and rituals. Just let go. Allow your civilized self to retreat as the sun itself is blacked out. Once the Black Sun is at its peak, then you will find your deeper self is at its peak, running wild under the dominant moon.

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    an extremely interesting article. Read and re-read it you pick up the relevant meanings and passages; Thanks Doc, Dark Angel and Cynthia 🙂 !


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